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Stretch Wrapping Machinery

Improve load stability and consistency with stretch wrapping machinery that fits your business needs from semi-automatic through fully automated palletizing equipment.

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Why Do I Need To Automate My Pallet Wrapping?

Manual pallet wrapping is never consistent. Depending on your product volume, manual labor leads to more shipping damage and increased stretch film waste. On average, manual labor can only keep a 20% stretch with the film you are using to wrap your pallets. Automated machinery consistently holds over 200% stretch, increasing the yield on your films.  Additionally, automation can help with ergonomics for your employees, minimizing injuries from bending, pulling, and securing loads.

When Do I Need To Automate My Pallet Wrapping?

If you are wrapping over 15 pallets per day, some types of automated pallet wrapping equipment can be easily justified. Base pricing on our stretch wrapping machinery starts as low as $5,985 and can pay themselves off very quickly!

Check out some of our options below and learn more about the costs associated with each level of automation. 


Semi-Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrappers

Designed for a variety in volume applications to aid in consistent load containment and reduced workload on your labor force. Base models range in price from $5,985-$30,970 with add-on options to increase productivity and film savings.

Our lowest-cost models can manage lower volumes around 10-20 loads per hour while our higher-end base models can handle up to 40 loads per hour. 

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Semi-Automatic Straddle Stretch Wrappers

Our line of semi-automatic straddle pallet wrappers is designed for a company with space available as these machines are around 172"x157". These models are also great for loads that are either very light and prone to falling over if spun on a turntable wrapper, irregularly shaped, or extremely heavy. These models can handle between 25-40 loads per hour.

Straddle stretch wrappers spin around your pallet rather than your pallet spinning on the machine itself to secure your loads. Base pricing on semi-automatic straddle wrappers can range from $18,475-$25,510, with additional add-on options to improve safety and productivity.

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Automatic Turntable Pallet Wrappers

You want maximum productivity with minimal labor force required. Automatic turntable wrappers can reach speeds up 60 pallets per hour, conveyed to the wrapper with ease. These wrappers automatically convey your pallets onto the turntable, wrap and discharge with no manual labor required. If you are working with forklifts in your facility, automatics can reduce worker movement. These models are great for labor savings. Base prices for our automatic turntable models range from $41,995 to $53,290 with additional add-on options to improve safety and efficiencies.

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Automatic Straddle Stretch Wrappers | Industrial Packaging Machinery

Automatic Straddle Stretch Wrappers

Automatic straddle wrappers are designed for demanding applications and high throughput.  Tall, lightweight, and/or unstable loads? These machines are great for heavy-duty manufacturing and distribution environments that need consistent quality and minimal manual labor. These models can turn out 50-110 loads per hour. Base prices for our automatic straddle wrappers range from $49,660 to $107,250 with plenty of options to customize to your production needs.


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Sr. Manufacturing Engineer, Burndy, LLC

When our auto bagger machine went out of adjustment three days prior to Thanksgiving, we were concerned we would be down through the entire holiday break and weekend. We were back on-line producing product by early the next day. They took the time to instruct our maintenance personnel and operators the technique of machine timing, and specific set-up techniques to achieve optimum production speed. Now that is service!

Senior Buyer, Acco Brands

I have done business with Industrial Packaging for over 25 years. They are a very fair & honest company to work with. Their expertise on the film they sell, along with the technical service they provide, is superb. Their customer service staff is very good. They confirm my orders along with advising me of any issues that might arise. They are also able to handle any emergency that might occur and in many cases , able to move up the delivery for me. I would very highly recommend them to anyone.

Project Manager, Huhtamaki North America

I have known Tom Carroll for about two years now and have worked on several projects together including our very recent collaboration on leasing a tray shrink wrapper. I find him to be honest and reliable. He has proven to me time and again an exceptional ability to deliver, every time. And it doesn't stop there. He has a remarkable ability for follow up, and to me that is outstanding. I am very content to continue our relationship.

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