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Production Line Saved In A Holiday Pinch

When Burndy, LLC ran into a downed machine just before a long holiday, Industrial Packaging got them up and running in one day!

BURNDY, LLC Success Story


BURNDY, LLC is a manufacturer of connectors, fittings and tools for electrical utilities, commercial, industrial, and maintenance companies.

In 1924 in Brooklyn, New York, Their founder, Dr. Birn Dibner (how the name BURNDY came to be) designed and patented a universal connector, requiring neither soldering nor welding thereby enabling a unified grid, starting the massive engineering company that is now well-known across the globe.

With their connectors and broader industrial product line being the huge success that they are today, they run a large, around-the-clock production, so their production line needs to be in tip-top shape to keep downtime to a minimum.

We at BURNDY, LLC wish to extend a grateful thank you to Industrial Packaging. Their Service Team goes above and beyond to help us run a smooth production and mitigate any issues with speed!

Sr. Manufacturing Engineer, BURNDY, LLC.

The Challenge

When the automatic bagger machine went out of adjustment three days prior to Thanksgiving, the team at BURNDY was concerned that they would be down through the entire holiday break and weekend. As they operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week around the clock, this could have been a major blow to production.

How We Helped

With one phone call to our Packaging Solutions Specialist, Tom Carroll, he had assured the BURNDY Team that he would do his best to get this machine back on-line. Through a couple of emails with our then Service Manager, Louise, we had a technician on the road to New Hampshire. 

Our Service Technician went one step further and took the time to instruct the BURNDY in-house maintenance personnel and machine operators the techniques of machine timing and specific set-up techniques to achieve optimum production speed.

The Results

We were able to bring BURNDY back on-line, producing product by early the next day, avoiding extended downtime and production issues throughout the long holiday weekend!

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