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We are happy to be an inclusive, growing company and proud to bring new jobs to the market and develop business leaders. Join a team where you are valued and invested in and where your voice holds weight in how we go to business for our customers and for our people! Are you the next member of the Industrial Packaging team?

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Who We Are

The Industrial Packaging Team is comprised of the top performers in each of their respective roles. We hire based on our core values, and we train our team to grow, both personally and professionally! Check out this video with some of our teammates expressing their experience working with us, and if you'd like to learn more about Industrial Packaging, click the button below!

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These are the Industrial Packaging Core Values that every member of our team fully aligns with.

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This Is What Some Of Our Teammates Have To Say About Working At Industrial Packaging

“Being a member of the Industrial Packaging team is and has been fulfilling and exciting. I am grateful to work alongside such an outstanding team of intelligent, fun, and caring people! I am empowered to grow both personally and professionally, and I am encouraged to learn and use my creativity to help our company grow every day."

David Roberge | Director of Growth

The people who work here are wonderful! We are one big family, we all work together and we all love to see one another succeed. The Management team encourages and assists in their employees' growth and achieving their goals. They inspire us to be the best that we can be, professionally and personally. 

Karen McQueen | Human Resources Administrator

“This is one of the best companies I have ever worked for! Every day, I go home to my wife and talk about it. I love this company. It has helped me grow. This is the first job that I actually enjoy. One day, maybe my sons can come and work for this company!”

Miguel Torres | Dock Leader

I like working at Industrial Packaging because the management team cares for their employees; they recognize our efforts each day and inform their employees on what is going on within the organization. The organization cares about the growth of each employee, whether it be personally or professionally. They encourage curiosity within the organization, learning why we do things and how we can do them better.

Christina Grimes | Controller

"I have been working at IP since December of 2021 and really enjoy it! Everyone here is very welcoming, which makes for a positive work environment. I also like that there is room to grow for those interested!"

Liz Hardy | Accounting Coordinator

I started with Industrial Packaging in Summer, 2021. From day one, this place has been different from any place I have ever worked. The HR department was completely transparent with all the onboarding. Starting here was a breath of fresh air from my last job; everyone here has a singular focus on our customers no matter what position they sit in. They are committed not only to their customers but also to their employees. In my position, I have had to work with our HR team a few times with issues within our maintenance team. They have given me and my team 100% of our needed support. The executive team at Industrial Packaging lives our core values, so much so that there have been multiple times our VP has shed his tie to help get pallets stacked so we can meet our production demand. Many companies sound off about being a great place to work, but Industrial Packaging truly is that place.

Steven Babbitt | Maintenance Manager

Industrial Packaging is a great place to work. Every day there are new challenges, but we have a great team to tackle them. A unique aspect of the company is the mixture of old-school manufacturing and packaging with new technologies and a forward-thinking focus on business trends. It is great to be part of this innovative team! I can apply some applications I have learned in school to the practical matter of running the facility.

Michael Carpentier | General Manager


Benefits Included As An Industrial Packaging Employee

You can anticipate the following benefits when hired as a full-time member of the Industrial Packaging Team. In addition, whether full-time or part-time, you can anticipate semi-annual team celebrations, competitive pay, opportunities to learn and grow in your role, a great, safe work environment, and much, much more!

We Are Currently Filled With Great People!

Although we are currently at capacity with a fantastic team, that doesn't mean we aren't going to be on the lookout for all-stars to join us in the future. Apply at the button below and tell us what we can provide to you in your area of expertise!

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