Sustainable Packaging

Find sustainable, flexible alternatives to protect your products and promote a greener future for our environment without breaking the bank.

sustainable packaging strategies

What Is Sustainable Packaging?

Today’s eco-conscious consumer wants to know that you’ve incorporated sustainable packaging ideals into your products. Your customers will ask about your green packaging initiatives and we can help you to be prepared without breaking the bank. 

Navigate the challenges in designing and executing an eco-friendly, flexible packaging strategy with professionals. Develop a plan for recyclable packaging initiatives that not only sustain the environment but your bottom line as well.

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sustainable packaging strategies

Sustainable Packaging for Your Products and Your Packaging Lines

Reduced Volume Packaging

Find ways to reduce or eliminate unnecessary packaging

Wal-Mart Packaging Scorecard Optimization

Identify materials to optimize your packaging for big-box store requirements

Thinner Packaging Materials

Source thinner gauges of packaging films while maintaining durability

Energy-Saving Packaging Machinery

Newer packaging machinery can reduce your carbon footprint and reduce energy usage

Energy Efficient Best Practices to Reduce Waste

Work with pro's to identify best practices that reduce packaging waste during production


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"We have been purchasing packaging materials from Industrial Packaging for over 40 years. Needless to say, we have found them to be creative, competitive, and dependable. It is what they have done for us most recently that was a true game-changer. We have recently introduced a new safety product, which requires some complicated assembly. Not only does Industrial Packaging supply us with the printed packaging materials, they actually do the assembly for us in their Contract Packaging Division. They are able to layout the line for maximum efficiency and are able to produce the finished product very economically. "

Jeff, Sr. Vice President of Sales | All-Star/ Ampac Enterprises

"It's a pleasure working with Industrial Packaging! I couldn't be more pleased with the friendliness & responsiveness of your customer service staff. They go above & beyond helping us get what we need."

Jenn, CSR/Purchaser | Dunn & Co.


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Why Choose IP
Seamless Process

Have the entire packaging material process coordinated for you, from conception to delivery, and ongoing support

Material Selection and Support

Professional and dedicated support for purchasing the appropriate packaging material for your application

Find Your Solution

Work with a team that is not just about selling you products, but about resolving your problems and finding you the ideal solution, whether through us or another business

Why Choose IP

Helpful Resources For Sustainable Packaging

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Connect with a specialist to see what sustainable packaging options are available to you

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