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By: Nathan Dube on December 13th, 2022

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Steelflex Green: Post Industrial Recycled Stretch Film

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Post-industrial recycled stretch film such as steelflex green is an excellent way to make your company and packaging line more sustainable.


And, with the continual call from the public for companies to "go green," it is an excellent option for any business looking to make their stretch wrapping more earth-friendly.


In today's market, businesses need to think about the different ways in which they can do their part to make less of an impact on planet earth.


One way in which many companies are trying to do this is by switching from virgin packaging materials to post-consumer recycled and post-industrial recycled alternatives.


This makes steelflex green a perfect choice for people looking to use more PIR and PCR packaging on their packaging line.


But what are the benefits of using steelflex green post-industrial recycled stretch film? Is this film the right solution for your business to become more environmentally friendly?


After reading this article, you will have a good idea of whether or not steelflex green is the right sustainable stretch film option for your business.


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Steelflex Green: Post Industrial Recycled Stretch Film


Steelflex green is one of our popular sustainable stretch film options. It is an excellent choice in stretch film for companies looking for the opportunity to become a more environmentally friendly business.


This film is a PIR stretch film that features up to 30% recycled materials. If you are unfamiliar with PIR packaging materials, that's OK; many consumers are just learning about the wonders of PIR packaging.


For the environmentally minded, PIR packaging is a welcomed addition to the world's sustainable packaging options.


PIR stands for post-industrial recycled. Post-industrial recycled stretch film is a sustainable alternative to traditional stretch films.


As noted, the film is made with up to 30% PIR stretch film. This means that it is created partly by reusing waste and used stretch film, which results in fewer new materials, which is better for the environment.


In addition to steelflex bio (our biodegradable stretch film), steelflex green offers your business an easy way to produce less of an impact on our planet earth, all while offering excellent stretch and tensile strength.


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Steelflex Green: A Recyclable Stretch Film


This film is fully recyclable and made from LLDPE (linear low-density polyethylene). Now, with that being said, not all municipal and single-stream recycling centers have the appropriate infrastructure to recycle soft plastics such as LLDPE.


But there is some good news. There are many companies today that do have the required capabilities to recycle stretch films properly.


And, depending on the quantity of film you use, you may be able to get paid to recycle your film! Various stretch film recycling companies will pick up your used stretch films and recycle them into new products such as steelflex green.


But in order to get paid for your used stretch film, you need to generate a specific amount of film to qualify for a pick-up and a paycheck.


Each stretch film recycling company will have different required volumes for you to qualify for payment for your used film.


To find out what that volume is, you will need to contact a stretch film recycling company and ask what the minimum quantity is for qualification.


Once you have that information, you simply need to store your used film until you have the required volume. Additionally, you need to properly sort and bale your film to get paid for recycling it.


You can sort and bale your stretch film manually or purchase a stretch film baling machine that will do this for you.


Once you have the needed volume of properly sorted and baled film, you can sell your film to a stretch film recycling company and, in some cases, make a decent profit.


What Are The Benefits Of Steelflex Green Stretch Film?


Steelflex green's sustainability is perhaps the most incredible and appealing benefit of this particular sustainable stretch film.


But enhanced sustainability is only one of a few benefits that your business can reap from switching to steelflex green from your current traditional stretch film.


Other benefits of using steelflex green post-industrial recycled stretch film include the following items in the bulleted list below.


  • Up to 30% PIR recycled film
  • Similar capabilities to regular Steelflex Machine & Hand Films
  • Perfect for securing loads for transportation and shipping

Who Uses Steelflex Green Post Industrial Recycled Stretch Film?


Many companies who want to become more environmentally friendly choose steelflex green as their stretch film. These may include businesses such as supermarkets, consumer goods manufacturing companies, electronic companies, and food manufacturing companies.


Really, most businesses that use stretch film to contain and secure their palleted products for shipping properly are a good fit for steelflex green.


Companies that are looking to use less plastic are also a good fit for using this film, as the manufacturing of the film uses less virgin plastic to create the film.


Is Steelflex Green Right For You?


In order to figure out if steelflex green is suitable for your sustainability goals, you will need to answer a few questions first.


After you have answered these questions, you should have everything you need to decide whether steelflex green is the best sustainable stretch film solution for your business.


Are you looking for a post-industrial recycled stretch film? - If you answered yes, steelflex green is an excellent choice for you.


Are you looking for a biodegradable stretch film? - If the answer is yes, steelflex green is not a good choice. Steelflex Bio would be a better option.


Are you looking to eliminate plastic packaging? - If yes, steelflex green is not correct for you.


Are you looking for a recyclable stretch film? If you are, steelflex green would be perfect for your needs.


Are you looking for a stretch film that uses less virgin plastic? - If the answer to this question is yes, steelflex green would be a good choice for your business.


Are you looking for an LLDPE-based stretch film? - If you said yes, steelflex green would be a good stretch film for your needs.


Where Can You Purchase Steelflex Green Stretch Film?


After answering the questions above, you should have a good idea of whether or not steelflex green is right for you. If you have decided it is the proper stretch film for your needs, you may be wondering where you can purchase this material.


If you would like to buy steelflex green, please contact one of our packaging experts. They will be able to answer any questions you have about the film and also provide you with pricing.


If you have decided that steelflex green is not the correct film for your needs but are interested in other types of sustainable stretch films, you will want to read this companion article.


In this article, you will be able to compare a few different types of sustainable stretch film.


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