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By: Nathan Dube on August 30th, 2022

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Steelflex Bio: Biodegradable Stretch Film Is Here!

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Suppose you are looking for a way for your business to go green. In that case, Steelflex bio biodegradable stretch film may be a perfect fit for your business.


Today, countless companies are on a mission to become more sustainable. From fortune 500 companies to small mom-and-pop businesses, sustainability is on the minds of everyone.


And one way that companies can become greener is by switching from traditional plastic stretch film to Steelflex Bio biodegradable stretch film.


Steelflex Bio is an excellent way to start producing less of an impact on our planet. But is Steelflex Bio suitable for wrapping pallets of your products?


Is Steelflex Bio as strong as a traditional stretch film? Is it as clear? Is it the right choice for your business and its sustainability goals?


This article will answer all of these questions and more. After reading this piece, you will know if Steelflex Bio is the right sustainable stretch film option for your product palletizing and securing needs.


Steelflex bio


Steelflex Bio: A Biodegradable Stretch Film For A Greener Future


If there is one thing that we are hearing more and more of as time goes on, it's that the list of fortune 500 companies looking to invest in a sustainable future is growing.


However, it's not only large corporations that are looking for ways to diversify their sustainability via switching to green packaging. Small to medium-sized businesses are also trying to get green.


But what are the ways in which a company can actually become more sustainable? While there are various ways to do this, one easy way to become more earth-friendly is by using biodegradable stretch film instead of traditional plastic film.


And while there are other bio-based stretch films on the market today, in laboratory tests, Steelflex Bio only took two years and three months to biodegrade!


That is quite impressive in and of itself. Still, there are many other benefits of using Steelflex Bio stretch film to secure your palleted products.


steelflex bio benefits final


What Are The Benefits Of Steelflex Bio Biodegradable Stretch Film?


In addition to being one of the stretch film industry's fastest to biodegrade stretch films, Steelflex bio also features a list of excellent benefits, including:


  • 100% recyclable
  • Strong resistance to puncture
  • Fantastic tensile strength matching or exceeding comparable traditional stretch films
  • Available as both machine and hand films
  • Quiet unwind
  • Excellent clarity
  • BioGlow Additive


The graphic below shows test results regarding Steelflex Bio's puncture resistance and tensile strength. The tests were conducted on an ESTL FPT-750 proper stretch film testing machine.


steelflex bio puncture resistance and tensile strength-1


With all the features you expect from traditional LLDPE stretch film while boasting complete and fast biodegradation, steelflex bio is your one-way ticket to a more sustainable business!


It is also very important to note that steelflex bio biodegradable stretch film is ROHS Prop 65, CONEG and REACH certified!


BioGlow Additive 2-1


What Is BioGlow In Steelflex Bio Biodegradable Stretch Film?


Steelflex Bio biodegradable stretch film is created with an additive called P-Life (by BioGlow). This additive is certified around the world under the ASTM D6954 standard.


This standard is also known as the standard guide for exposing and testing plastics that degrade in the environment by combining oxidation and biodegradation of the American Society of Testing and Materials.


Steelflex Bio's certification number is SC064610.


P-Life by BioGlow is the magic behind steelflex bio stretch film. This additive comprises a unique formulation and proprietary mix of catalysts derived from the fatty acids in palm tree oils.


In addition to giving Steelflex Bio the ability to biodegrade in such a short time, it also makes the film glow in the dark!


Is Steelflex Bio Biodegradable Stretch Film Right For Your Business?


To determine if Steelflex Bio Biodegradable stretch film is the right sustainable stretch film solution for your business, you will need to answer a few questions first.


These questions include:


  • Are you looking for a biodegradable material for securing your palleted products? - If you said yes, Steelflex Bio stretch film is a good choice for you.

  • Are you trying to avoid plastic packaging? - Despite being fully biodegradable, Steelflex Bio still contains LLDPE plastic and would not be a good fit in this case.

  • Are you looking for a recyclable stretch film? - If you answered yes, Steelflex Bio is a good stretch film for you.

  •  Are you looking for a way to replace stretch film and strapping with one material? - If that is the case, you will want to look into Steelflex Titanium, the strongest stretch film in the world.

  • Are you looking to make your business more earth-friendly? - If yes is the answer, Steelflex Bio is a great film for your needs.


Where Can You Buy Steelflex Bio Biodegradable Stretch Film?


Alliance plastics does not sell its stretch film directly to customers from its own manufacturing facility.


They sell their world-class stretch films and related products exclusively through a network of packaging distributors such as Industrial Packaging.


We are one of Alliance Plastics Elite Partners, making us one of the top vendors in the country to sell their films.


If you are interested in buying Steelflex Bio stretch film, please contact one of our packaging experts today! They will be able to answer any additional questions you have and help you to make a purchase.


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