Company Culture: The Fun Behind The Scenes At Industrial Packaging

Working At Industrial Packaging

Work is essential at any company, especially if you want your company and your employees to succeed. However, at Industrial Packaging, there is more going on than just work.


We feel that it is essential that our employees have fun at work. Having fun at work can reduce stress and help our employees be more productive, creative, and engaged.


To capture what fun means to our people in the best way, I connected with a few of our teammates to hear about their most recent fun moments.


Here are a few ways and fun stories showcasing how some of our employees have fun together during work hours (while still living our purpose and being safe, of course!)


Company Outings


In our recent company outing, we had a big cookout with everyone! We had Victor, one of our Inventory Clerks, acting as the DJ for the afternoon (Victor was great with the tunes and the sound effects!) and a catering company preparing their tents and grills.


We gathered a bunch of tables around the front of the building for our team to sit while eating. For activities, we had games like cornhole and badminton.


We also held giveaways, and most importantly, we brought in a dunk tank! There was a chance that it would rain, but the cookout would have continued under the sun or the clouds.


The dunk tank was THE highlight of the cookout; it attracted the most people because they could dunk supervisors and managers in the water, and who doesn’t want to get in on that?!


Even Jarrod, our Vice President, got in the tank! Everyone was having a blast with it, especially with the pranks where people would pull the lever by hand!


The funniest thing happened when Karla, our Compliance Coordinator, got in the tank. As soon as she sat on the platform, the first ball thrown hit the target and dunked her in the water. Without question, the tank was undoubtedly a highlight of the cookout.




-Brian Cepeda, Administrative Clerk


Fun During Meetings


During one of our recent Quarterly Planning Sessions in the Marketing department, we discussed marketing videos. Ed, our President, said, “I love YouTube.” But, Christina, our Controller, misheard him saying ‘I love you too” to David, our Marketing Manager.


We all laughed, for sure, and now have another opportunity to tease one another, respectfully, of course!




-Nathan Dube, Digital Marketing Specialist


Company Celebrations


Several years ago, the company sponsored an outing to Six Flags.


The day was going great, until out of nowhere, a huge rainstorm came! Everyone was running to find cover, and it was raining so hard that the rain was gushing down the hill. It was crazy, but what a fun day!




-Karen McQueen, HR Administrator


Employee Volunteering 


Some of the Industrial Packaging team volunteered to work a concession stand at Polar Park in Worcester for the Be Like Brit Foundation this past August.


It was boiling that day; the temperature was between 86-90 degrees and very humid. We get to the park at the scheduled time, and we’re all thinking, “It is so hot, but it is only for nine innings; we can do this!


How bad could it be?”. Well, when we get to the concession stand, we are told that the WooSox will be playing a doubleheader that night to make up for a game that was rained out the night prior!


Although it was a very long and hot night, we all had a blast, and there was a strong camaraderie built between all of us.




-Karla Albuquerque, Compliance Coordinator


Animal Interaction


Just recently, while working at my desk at the office, I heard dogs barking, to my surprise! I get up, go into the hallway, and there they are; two dogs brought in by one of our employees!


They were both so cute and playful. It was so much fun to see them and, of course, pet them. It made my day to have that time to enjoy watching them.




-Karen McQueen, HR Administrator


Thankful Thursdays


Industrial Packaging shows its appreciation to our employees by having a mini celebration every Thursday.


We have something for all of our hard workers to enjoy. Some days we have had coffee, hot chocolate and donuts, ice cream, pizza, specialty hot dogs, pies, and other tasty surprises! We call these Thankful Thursdays.


Our teams enjoy the treats and appreciation for their efforts.




-Darlene Lavigne, On-Site Nurse


Packaging Shows


Many of us have attended many Pack Expos over the years. Whether in Las Vegas or Chicago, we have had numerous events, dinners, and fun together.


Some of the fun at these massive expositions have included playing whirly ball, hanging out in the concierge suite at our hotel while watching the Patriots, even catching the Flying Wallendas crossing a high wire over the Chicago River; one evening!




-Tom Carroll, Packaging Solutions Specialist


Having fun together at work is an excellent way for us to spend time with our coworkers. We get to know each other on a more personal level, and it’s lovely! There are many smiling faces at Industrial Packaging, which goes to show that you can work hard, be safe, and have fun while doing it.


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About Karen McQueen, Human Resources Administrator

I worked as the HR Administrator at Industrial Packaging for quite a while, but I have worked in the HR field for over 15 years. I was a part of the Industrial Packaging team for over 23 years, working in various roles throughout the company. As an HR Administrator, I focus on the benefits package for our employees along with keeping our company in compliance with state and federal laws. I enjoy helping fellow employees out with any issues or questions they may have.