Atlas Distributing, Inc. Saves on Uptime with Industrial Packaging's Technical Service

When frequent breakdowns couldn't be kept at bay, Atlas Distributing, Inc. looked to Industrial Packaging to help solve the dilemma.

atlas distributing industrial packaging custumer case study

About Atlas Distributing, Inc.

Atlas Distributing, Inc. is a family-owned wholesale beverage distributor based in Auburn, Massachusetts that serves the Northeast with a primary focus on beer.


Surviving prohibition, the company has been in business since 1933 and has a growing portfolio of beer and non-alcoholic beverages that includes teas, juices, sodas, energy drinks, and a small portfolio of wine.



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atlas distributing industrial packaging custumer case study

"The cost has been significantly lower than the other company we had performing service on our machines. The uptime on our equipment has been significantly greater too!"

Brian, Operations Manager | Atlas Distributing, Inc.


The Challenge

Atlas Distributing came to Industrial Packaging seeking guidance and support with getting their pallet wrappers functioning. At the time, their machines were breaking down frequently and their technical service provider was unable to properly fix the ongoing issues.


The frequent break-downs of these very important machines had lead to damaged products, significant downtime, and overtime for staff trying to fix the issue and/or work around it. Atlas runs at a high volume, wrapping thousands of pallets each night.


A machine breakdown like the one Atlas was experiencing is not only a burden on productivity but also on employee morale. When the pallet wrapping machines were down, the employees were forced to wrap the loads by hand; a very cumbersome task.


“If you have to make an employee run around a pallet hundreds of times they simply get dizzy and fall over... it doesn’t work out very well. Keeping the pallet wrappers up and running saves us time, which in turn saves us money, and that all goes back to our bottom line and our cost-per-piece.”

How We Helped

Brian Lundberg, the Operations Manager at Atlas contacted Louise DiZazzo, the Distribution Group Manager at Industrial Packaging for help.


Together they scheduled a visit from one of our Service technicians to assess the situation, perform repairs and prepare a regular preventive maintenance schedule for each of the pallet wrappers. 


The Results

Since Atlas began working with us, they have seen a significant decrease in downtime.


Additionally, Brian has noted a significant reduction in maintenance costs; especially when compared with the results from their previous service provider.


“The cost has been significantly lower than the other company we had performing service on our machines. The uptime on our equipment has been significantly greater too!”

Brian and the team at Atlas Distributing, Inc. appreciate the responsiveness and reliability of the service team at Industrial Packaging.


“You can tell that our Service technician, Steve, is a great guy and very intelligent at what he does. There is no reason to discontinue the relationship with Industrial Packaging for our technical service needs. We are a company that relies heavily on our relationships, and there is no reason for us to look anywhere else”

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