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When Our Own Supply Chain Division Was Looking For Cost Savings, Our Distribution Team Collaborated With Them To Produce Fantastic Results!

The Industrial Packaging Supply Chain Services Division wanted to find cost-savings in our facility. Working with our Maintenance Tech and our Distribution Team, we saved a ton with a minor machine alteration and a stretch film change!


About The Industrial Packaging Supply Chain Services Team

The Industrial Packaging Supply Chain Services Division helps other businesses through contract packaging, fulfillment, inventory management and distribution.


We have been in the supply chain business for over 25 years and pride ourselves on providing world-class service to all of our customers, including some of the biggest brand names in the world.

Working with our own team and showing real savings and efficiency truly shows the value we can provide to other brands!

Vice President, Industrial Packaging

The Challenge

Our Supply Chain division tasked themselves with finding ways to eliminate wasted costs within the plant while maintaining our highest levels of safety and quality. We already work to be as efficient as possible, but knew we had opportunities that we had not thought of yet.


We collaborated with one of our seasoned Packaging Solutions Specialists to determine our best opportunities. He identified a savings opportunity in our stretch wrap and our stretch wrapping machinery that we may never have thought identified on our own.


How We Helped

By replacing the pre-stretch gears within our Lantech pallet wrappers that we utilize for palletization, we can improve the stretch capability from 200% to 300%, increasing the number of completed pallets wrapped per roll of film.


We also tested different film thicknesses and found a film that can save on costs while providing the best containment and protection.


The Results

With the gear replacement, which only costs about $100, and the new stretch film selection, we can save $.98 per roll. 

The new gears allow us to produce 9 more completed pallets per roll as well, ultimately saving on costs by over $7,800 annually!

The recommendations from our internal team have accomplished the desired impact on eliminating waste and reducing costs while producing secure pallets.

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