Machine Automation Improves Efficiency For The Maine Pie Co.

When The Maine Pie Co. finally decided “that’s enough” when it comes to hand-packing goods, Industrial Packaging was there to help them automate!

Hours Saved In Packaging Time Per Shift
Increase In Efficiency
Maine Pie Co Case Study With Industrial Packaging

About The Maine Pie Co.

The Maine Pie Company produces artisan, frozen, uncooked gluten-free pies, tarts, and pie shells.


Owner, Jill Miller, began a full-service bakery over 15 years ago in upstate New York with her husband, Lou.


From there the pair journeyed to the seacoast of Maine and opened a flourishing pie company that caters to gluten-intolerant pie-lovers.


They are continuing to do great things in Biddeford Maine!

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Maine Pie Co Case Study With Industrial Packaging

Industrial Packaging has and continues to provide my business with the best service we have had in 20 years.

Jill, Owner | The Maine Pie Co.


The Challenge

When Jill reached out to Industrial Packaging, she was looking to streamline the process of hand-packaging all of her baked goods while allowing her business to remain cost-competitive. Their current process was taking two people a full day to package their delicious creations by hand.


How We Helped

After an in-house visit with one of our Packaging Solutions Specialists, Tom Carroll, it was clear that there were opportunities for The Maine Pie Co. to produce more while saving on costs and time.


Tom was able to provide a sensible solution that included a combo L-sealer that would significantly reduce the labor hours needed for packaging. After implementing the new L-sealer, what took a full day of hand-packaging can now be completed in only 3 hours with the same number of people!


The Results

After doing the math, Jill can say with confidence that The Maine Pie Co. is now 4 times more efficient than they were before connecting with Industrial Packaging.


Additionally, their delicious goods now have a more professional appearance with a low-cost pre-made shrink bag.


The Maine Pie Co. Continues to do business with Industrial Packaging because of the professional response they receive with each call for a materials order or service question.


The fact that Tom and the Industrial Packaging team are knowledgeable while also providing competitive pricing for her business to run successfully makes this a winning relationship.

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