Stretch Wrap For Palletizing And Product Protection In Storage And Transit

Source stretch wrap that stands the test of durability and time. Your products and shipments will remain secure while keeping your films cost-competitive. 

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What Is Stretch Wrap??

Stretch wrap is designed to secure your products to a pallet or bundle items together for shipment or storage. The brands we carry offer superior durability, high stretch, and the thinnest films with the greatest protection in the market. 

Stretch wrap is highly elastic and, as it is aptly titled, stretches around items to bundle them together, securing them in stacks, often on pallets for shipment or storage at your facility. 

There are different types of stretch film for different climates, different clings (one-side clings while the other can slide to avoid sticking and breakage), or two-sided clings, and different thicknesses depending on what you are wrapping. 

There are also different types based on how you wrap your items. Hand stretch is used in lower-volume applications, where a person can handle wrapping loads consistently without injury. Alternatively, machine stretch wraps for heavier volumes where an automated pallet-wrapper does the securing.

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Stretch wrap collage - Industrial Packaging Stretch Wraps

Benefits Of Using Stretch Film

Superior Load Containment

Lock your loads in place and feel secure knowing they aren't moving. Gain peace of mind that SteelFlex will get your products to their destinations safely.

Crystal-Clear Optics

See clearly through films that are thin yet strong enough to handle whatever loads you are creating. Easy product visibility, all the time.

Hand Stretch Films

Find a variety of hand films that reduce worker fatigue and meet demand and product security, while being pre-stretched to reduce waste.

Nano Polar Film

A new film to the market made for freezing temperatures! No Polypropylene, prestretch film.


Stretch films with 33 and 55-layer nanotechnology using proprietary resins keep your loads safe throughout their journey.

Reduce Stretch Film Waste

In a comparison study against similar films, SteelFlex Extreme 2.0 stretch films save an average of 40-70% in material waste.

Machine Stretch Films

From construction, industrial, and agriculture applications, the machine films available are fantastic with eliminating film breaks, controlling the toughest loads, and providing unmatched load containment.

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Is Investing In Automated Stretch Machinery Justifiable?

This Calculator will take your current run rates and the investment in new machinery, and provide you with 5 actionable figures to help you understand if automation in stretch wrapping is justifiable for your business!

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"We have been purchasing packaging materials from Industrial Packaging for over 40 years. Needless to say, we have found them to be creative, competitive, and dependable. It is what they have done for us most recently that was a true game-changer. We have recently introduced a new safety product, which requires some complicated assembly. Not only does Industrial Packaging supply us with the printed packaging materials, they actually do the assembly for us in their Contract Packaging Division. They are able to layout the line for maximum efficiency and are able to produce the finished product very economically. "

Jeff, Sr. Vice President of Sales | All-Star/ Ampac Enterprises

"It's a pleasure working with Industrial Packaging! I couldn't be more pleased with the friendliness & responsiveness of your customer service staff. They go above & beyond helping us get what we need."

Jenn, CSR/Purchaser | Dunn & Co.


How Much Does Stretch Wrap Cost?

Stretch wrap is made of resins and is heavily tied to the resin market prices. Changes in pricing happen often in the market, but you can gain a decent understanding with the below information.

All price ranges seen below are based on purchasing pallet quantities and include delivery. The number of rolls on each pallet will differ based on roll size and length. There are potential price breaks for purchasing truckloads. A Packaging Solutions Specialist will be able to help you determine the appropriate type for your needs. Ask about our guarantee for our films!


Some frequently asked questions we receive about hand and machine stretch wrap films.

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How do I evaluate my pallet load to determine the cost?

Which is better for me, cast or blown stretch film?

Do you provide specialty stretch films?

Why should I consider using pre-stretch hand wrap?

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