Printed Shrink Film For High-Volume Product Packaging


Customize your packaging and reduce labor costs with pre-printed packaging for your products to stand out in the marketplace.

printed shrink film products | Industrial Packaging

What Is Printed Shrink Film For Product Packaging?

Printed shrink wrap films provide pre-branded packaging for your products. Have high-quality graphics and eliminate the need for additional labeling materials and labor on your packaging line. Your product appearance will stand out with printed shrink film vs labeled products. These films also offer superior clarity and leak resistance with varieties that include MAP (modified atmosphere packaging). Printed shrink wrap can be used in both food and non-food applications.

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printed shrink film products | Industrial Packaging

Benefits Of Utilizing Printed Shrink Films For Your Packaging

Here is what you'll gain by utilizing pre-printed films to package your products.

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Want To Know More About Shrink Packaging?

This complete guide to shrink will help you understand all you need to know about printed films and plain shrink wraps. 

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You pay per impression (or package) for printed shrink films. Prices are based on 1,000 impressions. Some MOQs apply. These prices can range from $240-$500 or more for 5,000 impressions.

Quality will also be important to consider when finding lower prices elsewhere.

If you were to order 100,000 impressions, pricing can be as low as $50-$70  per impression. You can expect a +/- of 10-20% tolerance (fluctuation) in the production of impressions.

Printed Films have a wide range of factors that impact the cost, so it's difficult to provide an exact price.

When Printing for the first time: You will need your design, colors, printing plates will have to be made, samples will be run and then approved. All of this takes time and money upfront.

If you run multiple designs, you pay for additional colors above the base colors, regardless of the amount of SKUs.

Once plates are accepted, items that change the cost from here would be changing colors, the price of the film which fluctuates and is dependent on the resin market.

Plates are good for a limited time, around 8 years. If not used for extended periods, they may need to be re-evaluated. If a plate expires, new plates will have to be made.


Here are some of the most common questions we are asked when it comes to pre-printed shrink packaging and implementing it in production lines.

Do I have to buy my own film?

Can I send you my artwork and get help with the design?

Is printed shrink film good for my small production?

Will printed shrink film work on all shrink machinery?

What do I need to provide to a Packaging Solutions Specialist to make a successful printed shrink film purchase?

Will I get samples before I make a purchase?

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