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By: David Roberge on April 24th, 2015

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Why is Printed Shrink Film Better Than??

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printed-shrink-filmsPrinted shrink film is all the rage. It's taking over the corrugated industry by storm, and creating a more earth-friendly alternative to the classic corrugated or paperboard box and tray. Although this is not a brand new technology, it hasn't had the publicity it deserves. The versatility and durability of printed shrink film outperforms the stiff paperboard of years past. Not to mention, the film looks fabulous on the shelf.

Here are some of the ways that taking a look into printed film may benefit your brand:

Info on all Six Panels
With printed shrink film, the versatility to add graphics and information on all sides of a package is an excellent benefit.

The Pop
The bright colors and sharp designs that can be achieved on printed shrink film are practically endless. In addition to the standard four color print process, there are new technologies of ink-mixing that create a broader spectrum for enhanced design.

Ability to Block Individual UPC's on a Multi-Pack
When bundling a group of products for sale as one package, printed film allows you to block the individual product UPC's and print a single UPC representing the multi-pack as a whole.  

Print Messages can be Altered for Promotions
Running a spring sale on your best picnic items? Easily add a printed message to your film for that run, then switch back to the original with ease! 

Package Integrity
Printed films have a variety of strengths and gauges, and printed shrink film can provide evidence of tampering. does not compromise package integrity. Discuss your needs with a specialist to determine the right gauge for your printed shrink project.

Tamper Evident
The fact that the film is printed makes it virtually impossible for someone to tamper with your product and then re-wrap it.

Eliminates the Hassle of Labeling
Product labeling, whether automated or by hand is not an easy task. Consistency with label placement is a big issue, plus it adds a whole step to your packaging process, slowing productivity and diminishing up-time. Having your information, logo, marketing message, etc. pre-printed on your film removes the hassle and the consistency issues. 

So, could your product and profitability benefit from a switch to new/enhanced packaging?


These are just some of the benefits, have you converted to printed film? What other benefits have you experienced? Share your success below! 

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