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By: David Roberge on November 12th, 2014

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Integration: How To Automate Your Packaging Lines

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Often the ability to increase productivity is tied to the ability to automate your packaging lines. Given that few of us have unlimited budgets, the trick to automating lines is in automating segments of your lines over time as your budget allows

Rank the priority of automating based on the greatest return. The greatest return may not always be the shortest ROI but its a good place to start. Other factors impacting the greatest return might be ability to find labor (skilled or unskilled), safety concerns (carpal tunnel syndrome), or finished package appearance (take out the human variable). 

Study every component of your packaging line individually, assessing the automation opportunities. Additionally, assess how different levels of automation within a given packaging line can co-exist. 

If a level of automation is justifiable, but cash is tight, consider financing options such as leasing. Envision the ideal line and create it, one piece at a time. 


Check out this overview of Packaging Line Integrations to get a better feel for your packaging line and find where your priorities lie.  Download The Packaging Line Integration Chart


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