Surlyn and Other Skin Packaging Films

Surlyn film and skin poly packaging films are often used in food packaging applications and designed for protection, reduced damages, and product security.

skin packaging applications foods and fmcg

What Is Skin Packaging?

Surlyn and other skin films are packaging films that are heated and formed around your product via a vacuum process. Often, the film is applied around your product onto a skin board/paperboard.

Skin films are also used around a food item with or without a backing substrate. Surlyn and other skin packaging films are very flexible and durable once cooled, creating a firm barrier of protection around your items.

Skin films are great for packaging sharp or odd-shaped products for display in the retail space as well. Due to its flexibility, it provides a nicely formed barrier of safety.


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skin packaging applications foods and fmcg

Benefits Of Using Skin Films For Product Packaging

Clear Product Display

When you place your product on a skin board/paperboard, skin packaging films do not interfere with your graphics. This packaging allows you to present your items and branding with clarity.

Product Security

It's not easy to hide that your item has been tampered with due to its secure packing on a board


Skin film is thick enough when applied to skin board/paperboard to protect consumers from sharp edges or shapes on your products


Skin films used in tandem with a backer board can be hangable, giving you more visual market-space

Extend Shelf-life

Skin films help preserve the shelflife of perishable goods with vacuum-sealing technologies

Reduces Damaged Goods During Shipment

The durability of skin packaging reduces damaged goods during shipment and the costs associated with this


Want To Know More About Protective Packaging?

We've got a handy guide that covers all types of flexible protective packaging that you can refer to for ideal packaging solutions at any step of your production.

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How Much Does Skin Packaging Cost?

When pricing out skin packaging for your products, you will want to take into account the cost of backer boards, prints, and other labeling needs. The heavier the gauge (thickness) of your film, as well as the film width, the higher the cost will be. Factor in the cost of skin boards and graphics needed for printing these. Consider if the boards are plain, Michelman coated or printed. Skin boards are sold per 1,000, and prices vary depending on quantity. You can find price breaks on larger quantity purchases.


Some frequently asked questions we receive about Surlyn and skin packaging films.

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Do my skinboards need to be perforated?

Can I buy double-length rolls of Surlyn or other skin films?

Do I need a machine to run Surlyn/Skin films?

Are there minimum order quantities for the Surlyn brand or other skin films?

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