Strapping Materials For Packaging

Bundle products together, reinforce cartons, and secure items to pallets for shipment with strapping/banding material that fits your product protection needs.


What Is Strapping When It Comes To Packaging?

You can source polypropylene and polyester strapping (aka banding) materials to help you to secure a package, hold bundled products together, and contain similar items together. Strapping keeps products uniform, like bundling stacks of corrugated material together, for example. It protects products from movement either in storage or during shipment.

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Benefits Of Utilizing Strapping For Your Packaging

Here is what you'll gain by utilizing strapping in your packaging process.

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Want To Know Your Ideal Strapping Break Strength?

This calculator will help you define your perfect break strength for your strapping materials to minimize damages and maximize savings! 

Calculate My Strap Strength!

Strapping-Calculator-CTA-Desktop | Industrial Packaging

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Strapping costs depend on the resin market and prices can go up and down throughout the year. There are minimum order quantities from manufacturers and stock items will cost less than custom items. You should consider print costs if you would like your own branding on your straps.

The pricing below offers you an anticipated range based on roll lengths and customizations.


Here are some of the most common questions we are asked when it comes to strapping materials and implementing them in production lines.

How do I know what size strapping I need?

Can I run any brand of strapping in my machine?

Is recyclable strapping the same quality as virgin (new) strapping?

How do I determine what I need for quantity?

How do I apply strapping?

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