Stock And Custom Clamshell Packaging

Find the ideal stock or custom clamshell packaging that is hangable or standalone for your non-food products. Perfect for product protection and visibility.

Clamshell Packaging Options | Industrial Packaging Materials

What Is Clamshell Packaging And What Options Do I Have?

Clamshell packaging is used to protect and provide visibility to your products. There are several stock shapes and sizes available, as well as custom clamshells that are formed to fit around your product snugly. Clamshells offer several display options, from hangable to stand-alone packages, along with insert cards with high-quality graphics to provide information about your product and your brand. There are classic "box-shaped" stock designs in several sizes, footed/platform clamshells that can both be hung on a peg or freestanding, or custom-molded, hinged packages.

Clamshell packaging is a great option for retail chains and big-box stores, and is used often to package hardware, tools, games, health and beauty cosmetics, electronics and household goods, sports, automotive parts, and more!

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Clamshell Packaging Options | Industrial Packaging Materials

Benefits Of Utilizing Clamshell Packaging For Your Products

Here are the main benefits of utilizing clamshells to package your products.

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Pricing for clamshell packaging varies depending on what you need. Stock items are generally more readily available and often at better pricing.

For example: if you were to purchase 1,000 clamshells, it could cost you $400.00. However, if you were to invest in 10,000 of that same item, it could cost you only  $150.00 per 1,000.

If the manufacturer needs to produce the product (meaning you require a non-stock item), pricing is based on 1,000pcs. There is sometimes a minimum amount that you have to buy.

Let's say 3,000 is the min order. The price per thousand could be $400. So, for 3,000 it could cost you $1,200.00

The manufacturer determines the quantities for price breaks. The more you buy, the less expensive it will be. If you were to buy 10,000 pieces, the price could drop to $150.00 per 1,000. So, the total cost for this could be $10,500. 

These prices do not include freight costs. This should be minimal, but something to take into consideration.


Here are some of the most common questions we are asked when it comes to clamshell materials to package consumer goods.

Can I use clamshells for food?

How many clamshell styles are there?

Can I put a card inside with my graphics and design?

What seals the clamshell?

Do clamshells have minimum order quantities?

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