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What Are My Bagging Equipment Options?

There is a wide range of bagging equipment available that is suitable for almost any product, from pharmaceutical and medical products to snacks, foods, cosmetics, polybag mailers, and more. 

Bagging machinery can go from a tabletop machine to a highly automatic machine. The machine opens a bag from a rollbag and allows you to drop product in based on your needs, scaled by weight, or by manual insertion.

Baggers will seal the product within to protect your items. There are many options to add to your bagging production, from infeeds to all-electric machines that require no pneumatics, and options to label your packages for you.

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bagging equipment options from Industrial Packaging | Packaging Machinery

Benefits Of Using Bagging Machinery In Your Packaging Process


You can create variable bag lengths with the same machine from 3" up, and find flexibility with bag widths as well. You can also add air expellers to your machines to eliminate air from your bags.


You can print on the bag with a thermal print transfer, or you can use a print-and-apply label application.


These machines can store multiple job functions, so you can select specific jobs and easily run without having to manually set up each time.

Small Footprint

Most baggers are compact, even the most automated. These are great when you are limited in floor space.

Polybag Mailers

You can use bagging machinery to fill poly-mailers and speed up fulfillment opportunities.


Bagging machines can run up to 40-60 bags per minute, helping you speed up your production process to meet demand as needed. These are high-speed machines at a low cost of ownership.


There is a low-pressure jaw closure and jaw-obstruction detection that are built-in safety features.

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Want To Know More About Purchasing Packaging Machinery?

This is the ultimate guide for investing in packaging machinery. It Covers all types of equipment along with their uses, costs, and considerations. You will want this guide on hand for any packaging machinery investment!

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"Writing this testimonial gives me an opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to Tom Carroll and Industrial Packaging for exemplary service. I have known Tom for about two years now and have worked on several projects together including our very recent collaboration on leasing a tray shrink wrapper. I find him to be honest and reliable. He has proven to me time and again an exceptional ability to deliver every time. And it doesn't stop there. He has a remarkable ability for follow-up, and to me that is outstanding. I am very content to continue our relationship. I would have no hesitation whatsoever to recommend Tom to anyone for packaging solutions."

Micah, Project Manager | Huhtamaki North America

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Jill, Owner | The Maine Pie Co.


Why Choose Industrial Packaging To Invest In Packaging Machinery?


Technical Expertise

Our service department is not only knowledgeable about these types of machines but also in what materials can run in them and which ones run best

Dual Support

We have strong relationships with the manufacturers of the machinery we provide. You not only get our support but the support of the manufacturer as well.

Longevity and Dedication

Being in this business since 1953, we know what questions to ask, how to support you, and how to find the best solutions. If we are not able, we will recommend someone that can help you.

How Much Do Bagging Machines Cost?

With the slew of options for bagging equipment types and add-on options, it is no surprise that the answer isn't as specific as you may like. We break down some of these options below into three categories to help you understand what may impact that cost. 

Working with a specialist is essential to understand which machine and options will work for your production needs.


Some frequently asked questions we receive about our bagging equipment options.

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How fast can your bagging machines run?

What is the difference between print-and-apply and thermal transfer printing?

Can your baggers provide hermetic seals?

How easy are baggers to use?

Can you provide bags for the machinery?

Do all of your machines run mailer applications?

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