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By: Nathan Dube on December 16th, 2021

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What Are Printed Roll Bags? Applications And Uses

Packaging Materials

Do you want to ship your products via snail mail? Are you a medical supplier looking for a good packaging material for specific products? Are you running an online business with a digital storefront that requires packaging materials for fulfillment?


Regardless of the industry you are working in or the company that employs you, you are looking for a flexible packaging material that is suitable for your specific packaging needs.


While you have likely perused several different websites and considered at least a handful of potential packaging materials, you are leaning in the direction of printed roll bags.


And, considering the popularity of roll bags today, I am not surprised that you are interested in possibly using this type of flexible packaging material.


However, you are not exactly clear on what a printed roll bag is. You are not sure of the applications they are used for. And you do not know if they are the correct type of packaging supply for your packaging requirements.


That is why you have found yourself on the Industrial Packaging website, right? Well, first off, I want to thank you for stopping by!


We are happy to assist people in their search for the proper packaging. And, we are going to help you gain a better understanding of what printed roll bags are.


This article is going to show you what printed roll bags are all about. This will include information about what they are made of, what they are most commonly used for, and which applications best suit these materials.


After reading this article, you will know if printed roll bags are the right packaging material for you, your business, and your packaging line.


Printed Roll Bags: What Are They?


roll bags


Printed roll bags are custom printed flexible bagging supplies that are made out of different types of plastic.


Printed roll bags come pre-perforated on a circular plastic module, most commonly known as a core. Each printed roll bag has an opening on one side of the bag.


This allows ease of use when inserting items into the bag. The opposite side of the bag is the previously mentioned pre-perforated section of the container.


The perforated section is located on the opposite end from where the opening of the bag is. The perforations make for easy removal from the roll.


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What Are Some Common Applications For Printed Roll Bags?


Printed roll bags are mainly used for eCommerce fulfillment, mailers, medical products, and different kinds of consumer goods. But, many types of products can be packaged in printed roll bags.


They are a prevalent flexible packaging material used on hundreds of thousands of packaging lines worldwide.


Are Printed Roll Bags Right For You?


In order to decide if printed roll bags are the proper packaging material for your products, you will have to answer several questions. With the answers to these questions, you will be able to identify if printed roll bags are the correct choice for your product packaging requirements.


  • Do you want to avoid plastic packaging? - If so, printed roll bags are not a good choice for you.


  • Are you looking to save money over rigid packaging such as printed paperboard boxes? - If yes, printed roll bags are a good choice.


  • Do you need rigid packaging that can prevent breakage? - If your answer is yes, printed roll bags are not a good option for you.


  • Are you looking for a good packaging material for eCommerce fulfillment? - If you are, printed roll bags are a great choice.


  • Are you looking for a recyclable packaging material? - If you are, printed roll bags are not an option for you.

  • Are you looking for a packaging material for mailers and similar documents? - If you said yes, printed roll bags are a good choice for you.


Where Can You Learn More About Printed Roll Bags?


Are you interested in learning more about printed roll bags and other types of flexible bagging materials?


If you are, you may want to consider reading this follow-up article, Poly Bags VS Roll Bags: Which Is Right For You?


This is a good jumping-off point for researching flexible bagging materials and will help you in your search for the appropriate type of flexible bagging for your needs.


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