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Find the stretch wrapper that you need to safely secure  and contain your products for transportation and delivery.


What Are My Stretch Wrapper Equipment Options?

There are various types of stretch wrappers available to you today. Here at Industrial Packaging, we offer a range of equipment from Lantech.
We offer manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic machinery. The stretch wrapper types we offer include turntable wrappers and straddle wrappers.
Each type of wrapper is designed for specific stretch-wrapping applications.

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Benefits Of Using Stretch Wrappers To Wrap Your Pallets


You have complete control over the load containment of your pallets. Furthermore, you have control over the amount of stretch percentage for each and every load you wrap.

Cost Savings

With an automated stretch wrapper, you can reduce the number of laborers and the amount of labor for stretch wrapping. Additionally, you will use less film per load as the stretch percentage is maximized. These are but two of the cost-saving benefits of switching to an automated stretch wrapper.


You can program your desired load containment into your automated stretch wrapper and your desired stretch percentage!


Adding a scale to your stretch wrapper can decrease the physical footprint required to house your wrapper, maximizing the value of the space used while reducing the amount of space needed to do the job.

Faster Shipments

By switching from manual hand-wrapping to an automated stretch wrapper, you can get your wrapped pallets shipped to your customers faster!


Cut load wrapping time by 50% or more when you switch from hand-wrapping your pallets to using an automated stretch wrapper!


All of the stretch wrappers we sell are backed by Lantech's commitment to safety. When you buy a stretch wrapper from Industrial Packaging, you can be sure that safety is always first!


Use Our Stretch Wrapper Calculator To Get YOUR Stretch Wrapper ROI!

This stretch wrapper calculator is the best free tool to help you determine your return on investment for your stretch wrapper purchase!

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"Writing this testimonial gives me an opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to Tom Carroll and Industrial Packaging for exemplary service. I have known Tom for about two years now and have worked on several projects together including our very recent collaboration on leasing a tray shrink wrapper. I find him to be honest and reliable. He has proven to me time and again an exceptional ability to deliver every time. And it doesn't stop there. He has a remarkable ability for follow-up, and to me that is outstanding. I am very content to continue our relationship. I would have no hesitation whatsoever to recommend Tom to anyone for packaging solutions."

Micah, Project Manager | Huhtamaki North America

"Industrial Packaging has provided my business with the best service we have had in 20 years. Their help with implementing an L-sealer into our packaging process has helped us increase production by over 4x."

Jill, Owner | The Maine Pie Co.

“Working with Industrial Packaging is well worth it. They are always quick to answer any questions we may have. Along with great customer service, they always keep us on top of lead times. Industrial Packaging always goes above and beyond our expectations.

I would definitely recommend Industrial Packaging to other businesses!”

Melissa LEMAY | GVS North America


Why Choose Industrial Packaging To Invest In Packaging Machinery?


Technical Expertise

Our service department is highly knowledgeable about stretch wrappers, what materials can run on them, and which films run best.

Dual Support

We have fantastic relationships with our stretch wrapper manufacturing partners. You not only get our excellent customer service and support but also the support of our manufacturers as well.

Longevity and Dedication

We have been in the packaging business since 1953. We know what questions we need to answer for you and how to support you and your business. If we cannot provide you with the right stretch wrapping machinery for your needs, we will help you find a vendor that can.

How Much Do Stretch Wrappers Cost?

With the collection of stretch wrappers and available add-ons, the answer is "it depends." The final cost of your wrapper will be affected by the add-ons and additional options you choose.

Working with a packaging expert is crucial to understanding which machinery and related options will suit your needs.


Here are some frequently asked questions we receive about our stretch wrappers.

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How does a stretch wrapper reduce labor costs?

How can a stretch wrapper improve safety in your warehouse?

How can a stretch wrapper help you properly contain over 84-inch pallet heights?

How can a stretch wrapper prevent damaged loads or materials?

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