Heat-Sealing Equipment For Product Packaging

Source heat-sealing machinery for shrink packaging that maximizes your production, from semiautomated sealing machinery to fully automatic sealing machines.

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Why Use Heat Sealers For Packaging Products?

To provide a plastic wrap around your product, you can use different shrink wrap packaging machines that add a layer of protection to your items. Sealers act to enclose the product(s) within the packaging as it moves down your packaging line.

L-bar sealers form a seal on two sides of a packaged product using centerfold shrink film. They also seal the end of the package for the following product in the line. There are options for manual sealing through fully automated l-bar sealing machinery. These are good for bagging various single products or groups of products into a single package.

Side-seal machines seal the film around the product on the side. A belt guides the film through the machinery and around the product, with a bar sealing the front and back of the product using centerfold shrink film. These machines are good for packing products of any length at high speed.

Flow wrapping machinery pulls your film around a plow. It wraps around the product and seals on the bottom with heat or static. A seal bar comes down to create a seal in the front and back of the package to make a sealed bag around the product. Horizontal flow wrappers are ideal for suppliers of products, including candies and confections, bakery, electronics, hardware, and medical products. There are multiple types available to match your needs for throughput.

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Shrink Sealing Machinery Image grid | Industrial Packaging Machinery

Benefits Of Using Sealing Machinery For Product Packaging


If you are looking to increase production and efficiency, there is a sealing machine that can help you achieve your goals


Work with highly-vetted machinery manufacturers who provide reliable equipment for your production


Quality sealing machinery will reduce re-packs and improve the security of your sealed goods


Sealing machinery can bundle multiple products together easily while maintaining consistent seals

Extend Shelf-life

Strong, consistent seals help preserve the shelflife of perishable goods with the right films


Once sealed inside a bag, items are no longer vulnerable to the damage that can be caused by dust, dirt, and moisture

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Want To Know More About Purchasing Packaging Machinery?

This is the ultimate guide for investing in packaging machinery. Covering all types of machinery and the uses, costs, and considerations, you will want this guide for any packaging machinery investment!

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"Tom and Steve from Industrial Packaging have been super helpful in every phase of ownership, have gone above and beyond in helping us dial our new flow wrapping machine into our specific uses."

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"Industrial Packaging has provided my business with the best service we have had in 20 years. Their help with implementing an L-sealer into our packaging process has helped us increase production by over 4x."

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Technical Expertise

Our service department is not only knowledgeable about these types of machines but also in what materials can run in them and which ones run best

Dual Support

We have strong relationships with the manufacturers of the machinery we provide. You not only get our support but the support of the manufacturer as well.

Longevity and Dedication

Being in this business since 1953, we know what questions to ask, how to support you, and how to find the best solutions. If we are not able, we will recommend someone that can help you.

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How Much Do Heat Sealers Cost?

There is a wide variety of sealing options to choose from, and with that, a wide range of prices for each type of sealer. It's imperative to work with a specialist to understand which machine and options will work for your production.


Some frequently asked questions we receive about heat-sealing shrink machinery.

What do I need to seal the bags after they are made?

How do I know what size or type of machine I will need?

Is one sealing machine type better than another?

Can I get the machines and the materials from one source?

How hard is it to learn how to use one of these machines?

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