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By: Nathan Dube on January 13th, 2022

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Required Packaging Machinery For Single-Wound And Centerfold Shrink Film

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So, you have compared single-wound shrink film to centerfold shrink film. You know which type of film that you would like to use.


You may even have use for both types of film on your packaging line. However, you are not sure if you already have the correct type of packaging machinery to run the film.


Perhaps you have used Google or another search engine to identify the proper shrink wrap sealer for the films you will be using.


You have read a few articles, but you still aren't clear on which type of machinery you need to buy or have in-house to run your chosen film.


Industrial packaging has a long history of selling this type of packaging machinery. We have a lot of information about this equipment. You can use this information to help you purchase or upgrade to the right machinery for your packaging applications.


This article will explore the shrink wrap sealers and related devices that you will need for the films mentioned above. With the information here, you will be able to identify which type of machinery is right for your shrink film packaging applications.


What Type Of Packaging Machinery Do I Need For Single-Wound And Centerfold Shrink Film?


Let's explore the different types of equipment you will need if you want to run single-wound or centerfold shrink film.


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1. Shrink Wrap Sealers


A shrink wrap sealer is a machine used to seal your product inside the shrink film before being sent into your heat tunnel. Once it goes inside the heat tunnel, the film shrinks uniformly around your products.


For example, you have L-bar sealers. L-bar sealers are specifically made for shrink film packaging applications. With an L-bar sealer, you can cut and then seal your shrink film in a single step.


L-Bar sealers are fairly simple to use. You would insert the product between the two opposite layers of shrink film. Finally, the sealer operator will press down upon the sealing bar creating a bag around your product.


L-Bar sealers have to use center-folded film. If you wish to use single-wound film on an L-bar sealer, then you would need to install a center folder on your machine.


It would be wise to explore the different types of shrink wrap sealers currently available. This will allow you to choose the appropriate packaging machinery for your needs.


2. Forming Plows


A forming plow is a device used on non-L-bar sealers that forms the single-wound film into a tube.


The product is placed into the tube and then sealed to create a bag around the product before being sent into the heat tunnel.


Once it has gone inside the heat tunnel, the shrink film shrinks uniformly around the product.


3. Center-Folders


A center folder is a device that converts single-wound shrink film to centerfold shrink film. Center-folders allow the sealer to form the single-wound film into centerfold film.


These devices can be added to packaging machinery for single-wound shrink film.


There are two types of center-folders, powered and non-powered. With a powered center folder, you are able to run larger-width films without putting a strain on your packaging equipment's film drive.


Center-folders can be built into the machine or purchased separately and installed later.



Where Can I Buy The Packaging Machinery I Need For My Shrink Film Applications?


When it comes to purchasing the required machinery, you have a couple of different options. On the one hand, you could buy your shrink machinery from a manufacturer.

On the other hand, you could buy your machinery from a packaging distributor. Let's take a closer look at these two types of vendors.


Packaging Machinery Manufacturers


Shrink film sealer manufacturers are vendors who build the equipment. They are the foremost experts on the brand of packaging machinery that they sell.


However, some manufacturers will not sell directly to the consumer. In this case, you will have to buy from a packaging distributor who sells the brand of packaging machinery that you want to buy.


Packaging Machinery Distributors


What if your desired brand of packaging machinery cannot be bought from the manufacturer? If that is the case, you will need to buy your packaging equipment from a packaging distributor. Packaging distributors sell various brands of packaging machinery.


They can look at your packaging requirements and advise on which brand, make, and model of packaging machinery is right for your needs.


Buying packaging equipment from a distributor may sometimes be more expensive. Still, you usually get knowledgeable local sales and service people who can help you get the most out of your packaging equipment.


Additional Resources For Choosing The Right Shrink Packaging Machinery


Would you like a professional consultation on which brand, make, and model of packaging equipment is right for you?


Then you may want to speak with one of our in-house packaging experts. They can help you to choose the right machinery for your needs, even if you do not end up buying the equipment from us.


Finally, it may also be a good idea to review our complete guide to buying packaging machinery. This handy free tool will be able to answer many of your questions. 


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