Heat Shrink Tunnels For Product Packaging

Source heat tunnels machinery for shrink packaging that improves product appearance and increases throughput for your production.

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What Are Heat Tunnels For Shrink Packaging?

A shrink tunnel (also commonly known as a heat tunnel) is a metal tunnel that sits above or is built around a conveyor, often being fed from a heat-sealing machine.

The tunnel has a heating element that heats the film as they move through the machine. Your products are conveyed through the tunnel and are cloaked with loosely fitting shrink film.

When your products move past the heating elements, the film shrinks uniformly around the items as they are exposed to the heat.

Our available machines can be combined with sealing machinery and are perfect for shrinking a wide range of films, from the lightest polyolefin to the toughest polyethylene films.

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Shrink Tunnel options | Industrial Packaging Machinery

Benefits Of Using Shrink Tunnels In Your Packaging Process


A shrink Tunnel heats the shrink film to encase your product in a tight, clear, sealed package


Heat is distributed evenly around the packaging, allowing the film to shrink evenly with consistency


The product can be sent through a tunnel with a variance of heat and speed depending on product requirements


Tunnels can be designed to fit specific applications


Cooling zones can be added for low-temperature food applications


Emergency stop switch if an emergency occurs during operation and main breaker switches designed to trip before electrical draw exceeds carrying capacity

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Want To Know More About Purchasing Packaging Machinery?

This is the ultimate guide for investing in packaging machinery. Covering all types of machinery, and the uses, costs, and considerations, you will want this guide for any packaging machinery investment!

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"Tom and Steve from Industrial Packaging have been super helpful in every phase of ownership, have gone above and beyond in helping us dial our new flow wrapping machine into our specific uses."

Mike, Owner | Garuka Bars

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Why Choose Industrial Packaging To Invest In Packaging Machinery?


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Technical Expertise

Our service department is not only knowledgeable about these types of machines but also in what materials can run in them and which ones run best

Dual Support

We have strong relationships with the manufacturers of the machinery we provide. You not only get our support but the support of the manufacturer as well.

Longevity and Dedication

Being in this business since 1953, we know what questions to ask, how to support you, and how to find the best solutions. If we are not able, we will recommend someone that can help you.

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How Much Do Shrink Tunnels Cost?

There are a few options available when you are looking for a shrink tunnel that meets your needs for production and your products. 

Tabletop machines don't have many options to consider other than make and manufacturer. The mid and large-size tunnels have options to consider including roller spacing, extended height tunnel openings. dual-zone temperature controls, independent variable air velocity, external cooling fans, voltage, casters, conveyor belt material preferences, and extra length tunnels.

Work with a specialist to understand which machine and options will work for your production.


Some frequently asked questions we receive about shrink tunnels.

What does the product travel on in a tunnel?

Can I get a smoother surface than rollers for my products traveling through the inside of the tunnel?

Do I need a special voltage for a heat tunnel?

What else should I know about tunnel requirements?

What temperatures can a heat tunnel get up to?

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