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By: David Roberge on December 22nd, 2016

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The Possibly Inspiring List Of UnOrdinary Packaging

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Here are the top 7 products and package designs that won (and failed) like champions 


Getting a product to be noticed in the vast sea of retail goods at the market can be challenging and companies have tried some pretty outlandish products and package designs to gain consumer attention over the years. I've created a list of the top seven products and package designs I have come across this year because they are too great, or too terrible not to share. Here is first annual List of Unordinary Packaging.

1. The Fisher Price Happy Hour Playset




This is my favorite product that I've come across over the past few weeks. Don't worry, the Happy Hour Playset 'by' Fisher Price isn't real, but its definitely an eye-catcher! This farce children's play toy was created by the Branding Director & Co-founder of BrandFire NYC, who is known for his hilarious Instragram account, @adam.the.creator


2. Watermelon?




Ok, not so much a packaging design issue here, but the labeler may have fallen asleep at the wheel on this one. Nothing like a refreshing ear of watermelon every now and then!


3. Fit buns?


fit bun.jpg


Not only is this a VERY creative use of packaging, but these buns are real! There is nothing particularly 'more fit' about the ingredients of these buns, but the Fitness Academy Sports Club partnered with their local bakery to offer a free visit to their sports club with each package of Fit Buns purchased. Talk about clever advertising..


4. Clearasil Pimple Packaging! 




The Clearasil package designers took pimple-popping seriously with this clever packaging campaign. The pills pop out of packaging (which resembles a face) just like... well, the image says it all.


5. Foam Block Warnings


reddit foam block.jpg


This foam block was found on Reddit, and has one of the best warning messages I have read in a while! I firmly believe more businesses should utilize the empty space on their product packaging for creative and entertaining consumer engagement like this!


6. Long Cat & Shelf Space


long cat.jpg


I mean, talk about shelf space! I wonder if this was intentional design, or just a clever shelf-stocker..


7. Life Is Doing It Wrong


life is wrong.jpg


This one took me a minute before I realized the problem... Am I crazy, or did the package designer here never learn how to eat cereal properly?


That does it, I'm looking forward to scouring the web next year for more! If you enjoyed the 2016 List of Unordinary Packaging, share it and subscribe to the Industrial Packaging blog!


Have you come across a product or package that deserves some notoriety for hilarious creativity? Tag us on social with an image of it so we can discuss!


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