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By: Matt Hogan, CEO on June 9th, 2016

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From The Desk Of Our CEO: The ALS 2"x4"..

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I have had a long time goal to assure that I don’t have to get hit over the head with a 2” x 4” in order to maintain perspective.

I got the 2” x 4” a year ago, when a good friend, at 47 years young, was diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis). I am fortunate that ALS had never touched my life prior to this, but I have always known that it is a horrific disease. Lou Gehrig would be stunned to learn that since his diagnosis in June of 1939, NOTHING HAS CHANGED!  There is no cure. THERE IS NO TREATMENT. When you receive your diagnosis, you are told to go home and die. 

ALS devastates families on so many levels. Financially the family is typically crushed. Insurance will pay for a wheel chair and that is about it. You see, insurance pays for treatments, not for care or hospice. The patient obviously loses his or her job. The spouse typically must stop working in order to provide care.

The emotional toll is huge as well. Spouses, children, and parents watch a loved one steadily lose control of all muscle functions. For the patient, every day is wretched.. both emotionally and physically.

My friend, Kevin Gosnell, decided to dig into ALS, its research, funding, and care. He founded ALS One, which has brought together the top doctors, researchers, and caregivers to form a team (ALS One) to bring the strengths of their venerable institutions to an ambitious plan: To bring a treatment to persons with ALS within the next four years.

I am proud to volunteer my time as the Co-Chair, with Kevin, on the Board of Directors of ALS One. 

Please take six minutes and watch our video at Then go home and hug everyone in your family.

If you care to become involved, or know a family that could benefit from our care, please contact me. Thank you!

Matt Hogan

CEO, Industrial Packaging

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