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By: David Roberge on April 28th, 2016

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The Low Down on Extreme Packaging Machines

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What makes Extreme's equipment stand out above the rest?

EXTREME_MACHINE.pngOne thing that comes to mind when thinking of Extreme Packaging Machine's line of equipment is that they build fast wrappers. Their actual mission statement offers more clarity to that: "We build high performance, heavy duty, long-lasting shrink wrap machines that actually lower the cost of packaging". It rings true to their product line in several ways.

Continuous Motion

Extreme builds continuous motion wrappers as opposed to intermittent motion, meaning the products being packaged on their machines do not stop in order for the seal to be made. This creates a smoother, quieter machine that also uses less shrink wrap.

Wear and Tear

With the smooth product flow, Extreme shrink wrappers have less wear-and-tear on moving parts. This not only reduces your maintenance costs, but improves your uptime significantly.


In addition to reducing wear and tear on moving parts, continuous motion machines can move your product faster than intermittent motion wrappers, providing more packaged products per minute (PPM) and increasing throughput. 

But wait, there's more! The Extreme shrink wrapper design allows for a direct film feed. In comparison to shrink wrap machines that are built with the film path under the infeed, this design leads the opportunity to reduce film width anywhere from 2" to 4"!  


Versatility & durability is the name of the game with Extreme. With the many capabilities of the machines, you can use them in almost any packaging application. Whether you are working with irregular sized products e.g. building materials like vinyl siding, or smaller products such as frozen or prepared foods & produce, pharmaceuticals & health care products, or for print & publication, our Packaging Professionals will identify the ideal Extreme machine for your needs. Click the button below to start your next equipment decision with our knowledgeable team. 


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