...It Shouldn't Be This Hard


Spare Parts.. Replacement parts.. When you are in need of either, you can save time and money by leveraging our knowledge and experience (over 60 years of it)! Our team thrives on, and excels at providing the parts that you need for your packaging equipment..

What parts?

All of em!

  • For machines that we sell.
  • For machines that we don't sell.
  • For machines that are no longer made.
  • For parts that need to be fabricated.
  • For parts that are just hard to find.
  • We track warranty parts for you. (If still under warranty we will research for you to save $$$).

How do we do we source?

  • We represent OEMS (Original Equipment Manufacturers).
  • We represent aftermarket suppliers.
  • We partner with cottage industry sources .
  • We partner with Specialty Fabricators.

With our knowledge, relationships, and experience, we take the research out of your equation and provide the correct part at a competitive price. Let us help you with sourcing for parts!

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About David Roberge

I am grateful for my 9 years as part of the outstanding Industrial Packaging team. I was able to hang out with some of the most knowledgeable folks in the packaging industry. I feel even luckier that I was able to share that knowledge with you. I love learning, hiking, and growing people and teams both personally and professionally, and helping companies grow better.