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By: David Roberge on September 5th, 2014

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Summer is Wrapping Up And Our PM Promo Is Too...

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So its September 5th. ALREADY!!

I'm still coming to terms with the date because I am pretty sure my plans for the summer were supposed to happen in the next couple of weeks! The summer has absolutely flown by at light speed and I'm just not ready to let go. All those beautiful days we had this year in the northeast are definitely already missed as we gear up for the beautiful fall breeze and autumn leaves. Possibly autumn savings, but we will see in the coming weeks ;). Leaves are already changing in our back yards!  Am I the only one that is blown away by this?!

We've had an excellent summer at Industrial, and an excellent promo on preventative maintenance that has a few weeks left in it. If you have packaging equipment in the northeast, you really need to take care of those machines as everyone bears down through the coming holiday seasons. Are your gears tightened and greased? 


  • You should have preventative maintenance performed on your packaging equipment 2 times a year at minimum if you are running the equipment all week long? 

  • You can catch wearing parts before they drop on you, saving you possibly 20x the cost of replacing the part beforehand! 
  • On some stretch wrap equipment for example, when the bearings start to go on the pre-stretch unit, if not taken care of ahead of time they will take out the pre-stretch rollers AND shafts along with them! 

STAY ON TOP OF DOWNTIME! Don't let downtime happen to you! Check out the offer for 15% off standard labor rates now through September 29th!



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