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By: Nathan Dube on April 21st, 2022

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Benefits Of Adding A Scale To Your Stretch Wrapper


If you are already using an automated stretch wrapper to wrap your products, you are one step ahead of the game when compared to those using hand stretch wrap.


You run faster, leaner, and meaner than the competition. But are you getting the full value out of your stretch wrapping equipment?


Could you be wrapping better? If so, how can a scale benefit your stretch wrapping protocols to improve your processes?


What are the benefits of adding a scale to your stretch wrapping machine? Is adding a scale to your stretch wrapper the right decision for your business?


We will tackle these questions in more detail in today’s article.




What Are The Benefits Of Adding A Scale To Your Stretch Wrapper?


From conserving space to decreasing labor, there are several different ways in which adding a scale to your stretch wrapping equipment can benefit your business.


The section below will review the top 5 reasons that adding a scale to your stretch wrapper may be the right decision for you and your company.


Adding A Scale To Your Stretch Wrapper Ensures Loads Get Weighed


Your stretch-wrapped loads must get weighed before loading onto a truck for transportation.


Reasons for doing this include items related to safety, cost variables, shipping price, and various other elements of your stretch wrapping protocols.


While you can also have a scale nearby to weigh the loads separately from your machinery, sometimes human laborers forget to weigh some of the pallets.


This can result in skewed metrics about the items listed above. But, if you have a scale built into your stretch wrapper, laborers cannot forget to weigh the loads as that process is built into the machinery and related protocols.


This ensures that every load is weighed and all the data collected pertaining to your loads is correct and consistent.


You can rest assured that you will be entering in the correct data, which can help you hit your KPIs and make adjustments that can save you time, money, and labor.


Adding A Scale To Stretch Wrapper Will Reduce Labor


With a scale that is not built into your machinery, your laborers have to do extra work to load and unload the scale and stretch wrapper separately.


But, when you have a scale built into your stretch wrapping machinery, this can all be accomplished during the same process.


In this respect, a built-in scale for your stretch wrapper will decrease the amount of labor required to weigh, contain, and palletize your loads.


How much money can you save with automated stretch wrapping?

Show Me Savings With An Automated Stretch Wrapper!


Adding A Scale To Your Stretch Wrapper Saves Space


When you have a stretch wrapper and a standalone scale, this requires more space in your warehouse to store these pieces of equipment.


But, when you have a scale built into the stretch wrapper itself, these two items take up less physical space on the floor.


By adding scales to your stretch wrappers, you will be able to better conserve and utilize the space in your building.


Adding A Scale To Your Stretch Wrapper Ensures Correct Orders


Adding a scale to your stretch wrapper will help you to make sure that you have secured all of your orders correctly and that they are the appropriate weight.


By cross-checking the weight data of each order against your pick-list, you will ensure that each order does, in fact, have the correct weight. This will help reduce the number of wrong orders that slip through the cracks.


Adding A Scale To Your Stretch Wrapper Helps Prevent Product Loss


By adding a scale to your stretch wrapper, you will be able to identify if any loads have incorrect weights after they are received.


This will help you to identify if any products were lost during shipping. This information will be valuable in identifying lost good's locations and may help prevent future losses.


Where Can You Buy A Scale For Your Stretch Wrapper?


Now that you have been made aware of the various benefits of adding a scale to your stretch wrapper, you should have a good idea if it makes sense to add one to your wrappers or not.


But, where can you source a scale for your stretch wrapper?


You can purchase a stretch wrapper scale from your current packaging vendor as well as packaging manufacturing companies and packaging distributors.


But, we must also mention that our packaging machinery specialists can also help you to purchase the appropriate stretch wrapper scale for your machinery.


If you would like assistance in sourcing the proper scale for your equipment, please contact us today!


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