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By: David Roberge on December 10th, 2015

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Chapstick and Product Footprint

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Who knew you could impact your product footprint so much?

Chapstick_Maximizing_Product_Footprint_no_text.jpgI recently came across a creative packaging design for Chapstick that is worth mentioning in our blog. The clever design of the packages allowed for more product in less space and easier restocking, with all of the benefits associated with a reduced footprint.


By using two different card sizes to pack an individual Chapstick in a blister pack, allowing two cards to be displayed in the space that would generally hold one, the product quantity is doubled in the same footprint.Doubling the number of products displayed on the rack reduces the labor required for restocking and reduces the chances of a lost sale due to a stock-out. This package design also reduces space required for warehousing.

Less Packaging

By doubling the number of products in the same space, you can reduce:

Utilizing creative methods for packaging can have significant, multi-faceted benefits for your product. Talk to our team for ways to maximize your packaging footprint.



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