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Product Placement Options in a Retail Environment

We all know in order to get your product out of the store, you have got to get it into the store. Offer your retail outlets varied Product Placement Options! The greater the number of options that you offer to the retailer, the greater the chances that the retailer places them. This is a conversation about product placement, not about package design (although, we can help you with that). Here are some of the options available:


  • Shelf Space is an option for your product in the retail environmentOne of the hardest placement options to get is Shelf Space. Everyone is trying to get more shelf space, and most of the space is already committed. If you're product is a consistent mover this is always a good option, but may be tough to get. 



Hangable Packaging

  • Hangable Packaging is a great option depending on your productHangers are an old standard with creative new options for maximizing product display. Some products are best displayed when hung, and some products can be re-packaged to make them hangable. Products packaged in clamshell or blister packaging are often designed for hanging.


pop display 

There are several options for Point-of-Purchase Displays. These are ideal for campaigns or specials, including seasonal items, and give your product the opportunity to shine by itself on its own display for ultimate presence in-store. 

  • A Pallet Display is great for pushing new or promotional itemsPALLET BUILDS

    • Maybe you want more product out on the floor at once. Use a full pallet display loaded with your products to stand alone in a prime spot and be an easy grab for consumers as they pass by. 

  • Quarter Pallets are great for your product at small retail outletsQUARTER PALLETS

    • The quarter pallet is a small pallet display with four units shipped on one pallet. These are ideally suited for smaller stores. Either way, these displays give your product its own attractive space on the floor.


    • End Cap Displays give your product a comptetive advantageAt the end of all the aisles at the grocery stores, you will notice that the products change frequently. An End-Cap display can give you a competitive advantage. These placements are a great option for a campaign pushing a seasonal or promotional item. Consumers enjoy these because they give a variety of options when passing through the sometimes monotonous blur of items in-aisle.

    • Dump Bin Displays, great for pushing inexpensive products!It doesn't have a fancy name, but it can be an effective way to sell product. It's a great option for low-priced, impulse items. 



Clip Strips

  • Clip strips are great in convenience stores and for lightweightproductsThese are ideal for smaller and impulse items such as chips or batteries and the like. They may also be known as sticky strips, zip strips or hanging strips. 






Not only are you promoting your product with several strategic placement options for the marketplace, you are also providing additional value to the retailer to increase their bottom line.


Not sure what is going to give you the best bang for your buck? Talk to our Packaging Team. We can help you make your product shine in the retail environment!



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