Is Your Business a Seasonal Roller-Coaster?

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Summer is over, welcome back to the real world! I hope you enjoyed the Labor Day weekend! Now on to the topic we are covering this week:

seasonal_supportIs your business like a roller-coaster ride? Is each month either a peak or a valley? Or perhaps, your business is seasonal. As you look at your volume on an annual basis, it's important to understand the flow and where it falls. Many items have a shelf life and timing is everything. A Contract Packager can help you deal with the seasonality or peaks and valleys of your business. 

We have the labor pool, resources, space, and capacity to accommodate your peak seasons. This allows you to keep your building and resources on an even keel throughout the year, while at the same time meeting your customers' peak demands. We are accustomed to seasonality and we’ve made it part of the way we do business. We are able to react quickly by ramping up and shutting down as your demand ebbs and flows. 

Do you have the capability, infrastructure, support staff, budget, and labor talent to go to a 24-7 operation? Your capacity and bandwidth can quickly be tested, while you watch margin dollars march out the door due to overtime cost and unbudgeted overhead. With a Contract Packager you can get off the roller-coaster ride and enjoy the lazy river.

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