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By: David Roberge on September 29th, 2016

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E-commerce: Direct-To-Consumer Packaging

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Packaging for Direct To ConsumerCopyright: lucadp / 123RF Stock Photo

The internet is shaking up the way manufacturers and distributors go to market with their products, and its only going to become more prominent as the world advances technologically. What does this mean for you and your customers' brands in terms of supply chain and packaging?

"..E-commerce currently holds $1.3 trillion of the $21 trillion global retail market..-e-Marketer, Inc. "

New Opportunity (Direct-To-Consumer Sales)

According to stats curated by e-Marketer, Inc., e-commerce currently holds $1.3 trillion of the $21 trillion global retail market, and this giant number will continue to grow. Packaging for point-of-purchase requires an appealing design that provides shelf presence to stand out next to your competition, while also meeting retailers' sometimes strict and limiting package requirements. E-commerce is opening the doors of consumers (literally) to manufacturers and distributors in a whole new way.

E-commerce is an opportunity to go DTC (Direct-To-Consumer) with your products. In addition to the obvious benefits like better profit margins and more control of what you are offering the consumer, the power and freedom of package design is back in your hands. How can you enhance the consumer experience at-home, and how will you handle the supply chain differently from your retail supply chain?


Some ideas to give thought:


Packaging for at-home delivery is an opportunity to wow the consumer in new ways, and give an exemplary 'un-boxing' experience. Use clever package design that speaks to the end-users needs. Flexible packaging materials can give you unlimited options for how your products are presented with personalized printed films or easy-open capabilities. Don't forget about protection, use air-pillows as an alternative to packing peanuts or foam for less mess and easier discarding.

Supply Chain

When vetting the option of DTC e-commerce, Outsourcing the fulfillment for your e-commerce business can provide you an opportunity to focus on the consumer experience rather than the execution and additional in-house resources that it would require. Gain the space for additional inventory, the man-power to fulfill orders and the shipping management to get the products to the customer directly.  

If you are ready to package for e-commerce, or are looking for an opportunity to gain professional support for your supply chain, talk to our team!


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