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Flexible Packaging: Designing For The Consumer

By: David Roberge on September 20th, 2016

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Flexible Packaging: Designing For The Consumer

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eing that the consumer is your target market for your products, you want to be sure you appeal to their needs. With flexible packaging, you open the opportunity to not only speak to these consumer needs, but also to your business needs for sustainability, waste reduction, and transportation efficiency. Check out some of the major findings of a consumer survey of 2,120 respondents and see how your brand measures up.

Packaging for the consumer

In a study done in September of 2015, the FPA (Flexible Packaging Association), in collaboration with Harris Poll, completed a consumer survey on retail packaging with 2,120 respondents aged 18 and over. The results offer an incredible insight into the minds of today's consumers, their needs and their desires when shopping for food and non-food categories.

Consumers that responded associated the top three most important factors in desirable product packaging as being:

  1. 1. Easy To Store (66%)
  2. 2. Resealable (65%)
  3. 3. Easy To Open (60%)

Two other factors rounded out the top five important items to consumers in the study, 'Ability To Extend Product Life' (55%) and 'Easy To Carry' (47%). 


81% of the respondents to this survey stated that they not only noticed when a product appeared in different packaging, but also that they buy products they didn't plan to purchase. Included in this, 39% stated they buy products because of new or different packaging. When it came to these impulse purchases, the top three most important factors influencing the purchases were:

  1. 1. Resealability
  2. 2. Extending Product Life
  3. 3. Ability To See The Product

Flexible packaging answers to each of the consumers wants and needs outlined in the responses to the survey. It gives your brand an opportunity to appeal to your target market in several ways, and gives a multitude of opportunities for a more sustainable future to your brand. You can find increased shelfspace, immense positive impacts on transportation costs, and almost limitless graphics, shapes, and sizes to impact product differentiation on the shelf, and off.

If you are ready to change your packaging to meet the needs of the consumer, start working with our team today.





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