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By: David Roberge on September 8th, 2016

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Retail Product Packaging Overhauls

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Is your packaging design stale?

When is the last time you even looked into changing your retail product package design? A lot has changed on store shelves in just the past few years, from innovative use of materials used in packaging to the ever-changing consumer trends that gain the most attention. What can you do without breaking the bank if you've found yourself dressing your products in last decades' attire? 

Evaluate your packaging Material


What are you packaging with right now? If you are utilizing a rigid packaging for liquids or jarred foods, you can save space and reduce freight costs by changing your packaging to a stand-up pouch. Stand-up pouches are huge in the consumer market, due to their footprint reduction on the store shelves and for the consumer, at home.

Evaluate your package design

Does your product have a lot of competition? Does its shelf presence compete with new designs on the store-shelves? Consumer trends and pop culture can be important to your redesign strategy.

Consumer Trendsgeometrics.png

Take, for example, the geometric design trend that has been seen all over the place in 2016. You've probably noticed geometric patterns in all areas of business and personal life from fashion, media and web design, right to the items in your cart at the market. Keep your brand current with popular fashion trends to attract attention to your brand at the store. You can easily change your printed designs with the right packaging service provider for trendy or even seasonal retail packaging.

Ageless Simplicity

If trending design does not match well with your brand, simplicity is ageless. Clean packaging design with a clear message will never be out of style, especially in the age of information. Give your product a clear message, strip away unnecessary information and give the consumer what they need to know. They will appreciate the answers to the questions they have about your product being easily available. 


After attending Pack Expo 2016 in Chicago this November, we will share a report uncovering what you can expect to see in 2017 for package design trends, how to incorporate them in your packaging, as well as new ways we can help grow your business through thoughtful design that reduces costs. Make sure you are subscribed, and if you aren't working with Industrial Packaging yet, get started today!

If you aren't attending Pack Expo this year and want the insider scoop on something in particular at the show, send a message with some specifics and our team will get your answers.

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