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By: Nathan Dube on April 6th, 2021

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Are There Any Easy-Open Options For Shrink Film? Exploring Solutions

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When it comes to packaging in 2021 and beyond, one item of continual interest for many consumers is easy-open applications. What is commonly known as "wrap-rage" is a phenomenon that we have seen growing over the past several years.


Wrap-rage is the experience of having negative emotions and a sense of frustration towards the packaging of a product. This experience has become more common for consumers of various types of products.


I myself have experienced wrap-rage on numerous occasions, particularly with some types of blister packs. I can still remember the slew of angry cuss-words drifting through my mind as I used various types of cutting tools to wrangle the product from inside the package.


When it comes to shrink film, wrap-rage is an issue as well. Some of Industrial Packaging's customers have been asking us a question. That question is, "are there easy-open options for shrink film"?


The short answer to this question is "yes, there are easy-open options for shrink film." In the article below, we will explore the shrink film options for easy open applications.




Shrinktape® gives the consumer an easy-open shrink packaging application. It is an affordable material used to provide an easy to remove alternative to traditional shrink film. Shrinktape is applied with an applicator custom retrofitted to your existing or new shrink wrapper. It creates a tab in the packaging for the opening point within the shrink film.




To open the packaging, the consumer needs to pull the tab, which results in a fine tear along the path of the tab. Once the tab is removed, the contents of the package can be easily removed. Common uses for Shrinktape include paper, medical equipment, produce, and pharmaceuticals.


Shrinktape® is applied to your shrink film with a Shrinktape applicator. This machinery is an add-on for your current shrink packaging equipment. The Shrinktape applicator is mounted between the film unwinding module and the product wrapping area of your shrink wrapper.

The Shrinktape application unit is made by Sealstrip and applies your Shrinktape directly to your shrink film. This applies a tab on the film for easy-open applications for your packaging.


The Shrinktape application device utilizes a brake which is controlled by what is called a "dancer unwind." The unwind allows for a smooth unwinding of your shrink film. The tab formation element is driven by compressed air and can be positioned on the roller. This allows for a consistent and exact placement on the packaging.




Another easy-open option for shrink film and non-shrink film packaging applications includes Peelwrap®. Peelwrap allows for the removal of the majority of your shrink film with a single pull. Peelwrap is a pressure-sensitive tape that features a wide non-adhesive linear edge. This material features an area to adhere to and pull-away from the material. This allows for easy opening of the package.


The Peelwrap is applied via an applicator custom retrofitted to your existing or new shrink wrapper. The Peelwrap application unit attaches to your wrapper. The applicator perforates your film. Then, it applies the Peelwrap material continuously to your shrink film.


Peelwrap Packaging


The consumer will grip the non-adhesive portion of the wrap and pull it down. This results in the material opening the perforated section of the film and allows for the easy removal of the material.


Applications for peel wrap include multi-packs, medical equipment, frozen pizza boxes, printed documents, and single-serve food items. The Peelwrap system comes with the required application tool.


What Is The Difference Between Peelwrap and Shrinktape?


They are practically identical. Except, the easy-peel aspect for shrinktape is from the tab created by the applicator. In contrast, the easy-peel aspect for peelwrap is created by the non-adhesive section pulling away from the perforated portion of the material.


The physical sensation of removing peelwrap VS shrinktape will feel slightly different from each other. However, the application and use are pretty much the same.


As for why someone would choose one over the other, peelwrap and shrinktape can both be used with shrink film, but, unlike shrinktape, peelwrap can also be used for some non-shrink film material applications.


Need Help Choosing The Right Shrink Film?

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Where Can You Learn More About Shrink Film?


We have covered a few types of shrink film products in this article, but, the wide world of shrink film is a much larger place than what has been presented here.


If you are really interested in learning all the ins and outs of shrink film, you will want to to read The Complete Guide to Shrink Film. This free e-book has everything you could possibly want to know about shrink film in one place.


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