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By: Nathan Dube on March 24th, 2022

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How Much Does Stretch Wrap Cost?

You know that you want to stretch wrap your products to prepare them for containment and shipping or as part of your product packaging. You know which type of stretch wrap you are going to use.


You know whether you will use hand stretch wrap or machinery stretch wrap to wrap your products.


But, the one thing you don't know is how much stretch wrap costs. Sure, you have found some ballpark pricing information.


And, you have had various sales reps attempt to speak with you to provide precise pricing for your specific wrapping project.


But, you are not ready to speak to a rep at this time. And you don't want vague pricing that may not reflect the total cost of your unique stretch wrapping order.


All you want is straight-forward and honest pricing for stretch wrap so that you can calculate what your exact cost for your stretch wrap will be.


This article will give you the pricing you are looking for. After reading this article, you will be able to figure out how much stretch wrap will cost you.




How Much Does Stretch Film Cost?


Stretch wrap (also known as stretch film) has different price points for different types of film. And hand stretch costs are not the same as machine stretch costs.


Tinted stretch films have a different cost than vented stretch films. When it comes to pricing, each type of stretch film is unique.


So, in order to make the buying process as simple as possible for you, we will provide our cost for the different types of stretch film below.


Hand Stretch Films


Our hand stretch films are cast stretch wraps designed for manually securing loads. Applications for this type of stretch film include load containment and palletizing.


Our hand stretch wraps cost between $28.00 and $53.00 per case of 4.


Features of our hand stretch wrap include:


  • 33 Layer Wraps
  • High Resistance to Puncture
  • Easy to Apply
  • Excellent Cling
  • 12"-18" Widths
  • 31.5-120 Thickness (Gauge)


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Good Machine Stretch Wraps


Our good-quality machine stretch films are machine-grade stretch wraps that can be used for containing loads and palletizing goods.


Our good machine stretch wraps cost between $57.00 and $83.00 per roll.


Features of our good machine stretch films include:


  • Low Noise Release
  • High Resistance to Puncture
  • Great Load Retention
  • Wraps Versatile Configurations of Loads 
  • 20"-30" Widths
  • 50-120 Thickness (Gauge)


Better Machine Stretch Wraps


Our better machine stretch films are high-performing machine-grade stretch wraps. These films are great for superior load containment and palletizing applications.


Our better machine stretch films cost between $43.00 and $91.00 per roll.


Features of our better machine stretch films include:


  • Fantastic Source-Reduction
  • Significant Cost Savings
  • Premium Tear Resistance
  • High-Performance Qualities
  • Replaces 70-80 Gauge Films
  • 20"-30" Widths Available
  • Available in 50-110 Gauge (Thickness)


Want to learn more about stretch film?

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Best Machine Stretch Wraps


Our best machine stretch films are ultra-high-performing machine stretch wraps. These are the cream of the crop when it comes to machine stretch films.

These films are an excellent choice to generate superior load containment and top-of-the-line palletizing.


Our best machine stretch films cost between $45.00 and $89.00 per roll.


Features of our best machine stretch films include:


  • Very Cost-Effective Machine-Grade Stretch Wrap
  • Superb Source-Reduction Product
  •  Superior Tear Resistance
  • Replaces 70-80 Gauge Stretch Wraps
  • 20"-30" Widths
  • 39-95 Thickness (Gauge) Available



Tinted Stretch Films


Our tinted stretch films are colored stretch wraps for machinery or hand applications. Tinted stretch film is appropriate for color-coding, international shipping, or dating inventory.


Our tinted stretch wraps cost between $56.00 and $73.00 per roll.


Features of our tinted stretch films include:


  • High-Performance
  • Available in both hand and machine varieties 
  • Available in 8 colors (black, white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple)
  • Great for concealing products and easier identification of pallet contents


Vented Stretch Films


Vented films improves efficiency by 30% allowing a warm product to cool. Our vented stretch films are available as hand or machine films.


The range of prices shown is for machine films. Hand film pricing is case-sensitive. For hand film pricing, please speak to a packaging specialist.


Our vented stretch films cost between $85.00 and $200.00 per roll.


Features of our vented stretch films include:


  • Pre-Stretch Options Available Upon Request
  • Excellent For Sterilization In Medical Items
  • 100% Recyclable Variants Available
  • Reduction in Load Costs
  • Good For Frozen Food, Dairy Products, Flowers, Meats & Seafood, and Frozen Snacks
  • Breathable Load Containment Capabilities With Power-Bands For Superior Load Containment
  • Eliminates Netting


Where Can You Buy Stretch Wrap?


When it comes to purchasing stretch wrap, you have several options. You can buy stretch wrap from various vendors.


These include packaging distributors, stretch film manufacturers, online retailers, and home and garden department stores. With that being said, it is well-advised to speak with a packaging specialist


They will be able to help you choose the best stretch wrap for your unique stretch wrapping needs.


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