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By: Nathan Dube on May 31st, 2022

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Are Multi Format Case Erectors Right For You?

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Are you thinking about buying multi format case erectors? Rest assured, you are not alone in your desire for this equipment!


Many companies package their products in corrugated boxes or similar containers. And many companies use human labor to complete these processes.


When erecting cases by hand, a laborer will take a flattened corrugated box, open it up, seal the bottom, and then present it to the packaging line.


And while this is one way to pack your corrugated boxes, it may not be the right solution for your needs.


Depending on the number of laborers you are using, automating this process with a multi format case erector may make more sense for your business.


But, how do you know if a multi format case erector is right for your packaging needs?


This article will provide you with the answer to the question above. After reading this article, you will know if a multi format case erector is appropriate for your needs.


What Is A Case Erector?


A case erector is a packaging machine that is used to hold, erect and seal a corrugated cardboard container.


These devices range from reasonably simple manual devices in which most of the labor is completed by a human laborer in tandem with the machine to fully automated equipment.



What Is A Multi Format Case Erector?


A multi format case erector is a fully automated case erector that can store, form, and seal different corrugated containers within one piece of equipment.


Multi format case erectors are designed to replace multiple case erectors or replace physical labor while taking up a smaller footprint.


How Does A Multi Format Case Erector Work?


A multi format case erector is a long rectangular piece of automated packaging machinery. The machine will often feature two to four stations which are each loaded with a magazine (like a gun) of different sized and shaped corrugated boxes.


Inside of the machine, running parallel to the stations within the device is a mechanical arm that moves back and forth along a railing system.


The mechanical arm features several industrial suction cups which are attached to an automated module. The module will move along the rail system until the device with the suction cups is in front of the correct shape and sized container.


The suction cups will then attach to one of the corrugated boxes and pull it away from the magazine. Next, the device with the suction cups will take the chosen box that is now stuck to the suction cups and move it down the rails to a new workstation.


Upon arrival at the new workstation, the suction cups release the box. A new mechanical arm will attach itself to the container.


The mechanical arm attaches itself to the box with suction cups. It forms the flat corrugated container into the shape of a fully formed box.


The completed box is then ejected from the machine onto a platform. From here, the box will be presented to the appropriate packaging line to be packed before being sent down the line to have the top closed and sealed.


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Who Uses Multi Format Case Erectors?


Multi format case erectors are used by hundreds of thousands of companies the world over. Before being palletized for shipping, many businesses that package their products in corrugated containers use multi format case erectors.


These businesses include food manufacturing companies, book publishers, printing companies, consumer goods manufacturing companies, toy companies, electronic manufacturers, fulfillment companies, and countless other companies that package their products in corrugated boxes before palletizing and shipping.


What Are The Benefits Of Multi Format Case Erectors?


There are many benefits of using a multi format case erector rather than human labor and manual case erectors for packaging your products.


Some of these benefits include:


  1. Increased Productivity: The average human laborer can produce, on average, about 3 boxes per minute. A multi format case erector can produce between 10 - 18 cases per minute!

  2. Human Labor Reduction: With a multi format case erector, you will not need as many human laborers to produce the number of boxes needed in the required time frame.

  3. Reduction in Probability of Injury: Ask any laborer who has suffered a repetitive strain injury what the effect of said injury was. They will likely tell you they had to take time off. Additionally, manual case erecting can lead to bad paper cuts (no, really)! But, with automated multi format case erecting, you won't have to worry about either of these things again!

  4. Perfectly Erected Containers: Ask anyone who supervises laborers who manually erect cases and ask them how often they get perfect 90-degree angled boxes. Whatever the ratio is, it won't come close to a multi format case erector that produces perfect boxes most of the time. Not only do they produce perfect 90-degree angle boxes, but the tape is aligned properly as well. With a machine erected case, you will have a superior presentation to the end-user.

  5. Reduced Shipping Damage: When boxes do not feature perfect 90-degree angles, they result in less sturdy stacks and more collapsed loads. With a multi format case erector, you can bet on sturdy, well-stacked loads boasting containers with perfect 90-degree angles!

Are Multi Format Case Erectors Right For You?


You are probably wondering if multi format case erectors are right for your business. And you are probably wondering what volume of cases would justify such a purchase.


But volume is not the issue here. Purchasing a multi format case erector has more to do with labor. If a company is packaging on 3 or more lines with different size boxes, a multi format case erector may be right for them.


If you purchase the equipment, it could be paid back in a little over 2 years. If you lease the equipment, the payback is significantly shorter than that. If the case erector is replacing paying 3 people $15.00 per hour per shift, a multi format case erector would be a good investment.


Where Can You Buy Multi Format Case Erectors?


With the information above, you should have a pretty good idea if multi format case erectors are the right choice for your corrugated carton erecting needs.


But, where can you purchase a multi format case erector? Generally speaking, you can buy multi format case erectors directly from the manufacturer or a packaging distributor.


It should be noted that not all manufacturers will sell direct to the client, in which case, you will have to source your machinery elsewhere.


But, we should probably mention that you can also buy multi format case erectors from packaging machinery experts right here at Industrial packaging.


If you are interested in getting a quote for a multi format case erector, please contact one of our packaging experts today!


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