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By: Nathan Dube on January 31st, 2023

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Multipacks: Combining Brands And Products For Better Sales

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Are you looking for a way to comingle several different brands and products into one package? Multipacks may be the perfect way for you to achieve this goal.


When you are selling multiple products under multiple brands, you will always have some items that sell better than others.


This may be because of the location of the products in the stores or other retail environments. Or, it could be because one brand is not associated with another by the consumer.


Both of these issues and more can be combated with multipacks. Combining multiple products and brands into one package can help you sell more.


And, when you combine several items into one multipack, you can often get eyes on some of your products that were largely unseen by buyers before.


But what are the benefits of combining several products and brands into one package? And, how can comingling these items with multipacks benefit your business?


After reading this article, you will know how multipacks can benefit your business and help you to sell more products.



What Is A Multipack?


A multipack is a package featuring a selection of similar or identical items sold at a discounted price compared to buying each product separately.


Who Uses Multipacks?


Companies that use multipacks include food and beverage companies, snack manufacturers, electronics manufacturers, and other consumer goods manufacturing companies.


What Types Of Products Are Commonly Sold In Multipacks?


You can find many products sold in multipacks, including cereal, soda, beer, shaving razors, soap, shampoo, bottled water, and countless other consumer goods.


What Types Of Packaging Materials Are Used To Make Multipacks?


These materials include but are not limited to cardboard or paperboard boxes, bundling film, bagging, cubes, sacks, and so on. The possibilities are endless!


Suppose you are still determining what type of packaging materials would be best for forming your multipacks. In that case, you will want to speak with a packaging expert.


They will be able to help you select the best packaging materials for your unique multipack requirements.


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Why Use Multipacks To Comingle Multiple Brands And Products?


One of the main reasons you may want to combine two or more products and brands into a multipack is that doing so can help you to sell more products.


If you have multiple brands of products, they are typically in different parts of the store or retail environment. Let's assume you offer one brand of shampoo and another brand of men's razors.


An excellent way to increase your sales is to comingle those items in a branded multipack. You will want to do this right where you can buy two bottles of shampoo and four razors together in one single point-of-purchase retail experience.


This is a better strategy than hoping that when a consumer picks up the razor and goes to get shampoo, they buy your brand, not one of the other hundred brands lined up there.


So this approach is looking at your whole portfolio and seeing if there are any synergies (and even if they're very loose synergies, it's still OK).


Getting those products together in a package that screams, "look at our value add," "look at our different offerings that you can buy in one container and have that one ticket item go across the scanner versus multiple ticket items." This is very appealing to the consumer.


It feels more expensive every time you scan multiple products rather than one item, right? That is part of the attraction for the consumer. Still, the big draw for you is that this will allow you to put brands together and perhaps get them in a different area of the store they're not typically in.


Let's stick with the idea of shampoo and razors...


Suppose you put together a multipack of those items, and now you're on an end cap, or you're in an aisle on a POP display because you've got something unique that nobody else is offering. In that case, you are in a place to drive more sales for more brands and products than your competitors.


Somebody may not be actively shopping for either one of those products. And the consumer may think to themselves; you know what? I can use this! And they bump into your product because of its location.


They buy it now, and maybe it's a brand they had not bought before. They get home, they like it, and now you've got a new brand follower because you took a different tactic and got your items together in another part of the store.


And again, the synergies can be very loose. They can be very, very loose for you to put together a multipack that screams, "you know, I'm a little different; try me"!


What Are Some Other Benefits Of Using Multipacks To Combine Brands And Products?


What you need to understand is that multipacks are a great way to do new things that you need to do to help you sell better.


If you've got overstocked goods in your warehouse, multipacks are a great way to get them out to consumers. Multipacks are an excellent way to create a cross-brand/cross-platform combo, and it's a great way to alleviate stuff out of the warehouse that maybe isn't moving as well as you would like.


If you have a great product that you really believe in, but it isn't getting the attention you think it should, using multipacks to piggyback with another brand is a great way to get that exposure you are looking for. People will follow it. They'll like it, and then it'll allow you to get into other areas as well.


Are You Interested In Building A Multipack For Your Brands?


After reading this article, you should understand the benefits of comingling brands and products with multipacks for your business.


Are you interested in learning more about multipacks? Want to know what packaging materials would be best for your products and brands' multipacks?


Are you looking to outsource the creation and distribution of your multi-packed products?


If you are looking for answers to these questions and more, we advise you to speak with one of our in-house packaging experts.


They will be able to answer any questions you have about comingling your brands and products into a multipack.

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