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By: Nathan Dube on April 22nd, 2021

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What Is Shrink Film Tubing? Applications And Uses

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Let me guess, your products are oblong, elongated, or simply "long," right? And you’ve probably struggled to find the right type of packaging film for your products.


How did I know that? Are you reading this blog post? Then it would seem you have been looking for a packaging material that is good for these types of items.


Perhaps you had been considering using shrink film for your products. But, after doing some research, you started seeing terms like "shrink film tubing," "poly tubing," or "heat seal tubing."


Don't be afraid! We are not tracking your every move on the internet. We happen to know that the types of products you are looking to package are most often packaged with shrink film tubing. And, chances are, that is why you are here.


While there are some similarities between shrink film and shrink film tubing, they are not the same. Based on you landing on this article, you’re probably thinking you need shrink film tubing.


Shrink film tubing may be clear or colored plastic. Some shrink film tubing is available with perforations. Perforated shrink film tubing makes it easier to remove.


Over the years, Industrial Packaging has sold countless rolls of shrink film tubing. During that time, we have identified the proper applications for this packaging material.


In this article, we will explore shrink film tubing. We will also discuss the common applications and uses for this material. With this info, you will be able to identify if shrink film tubing is right for your products.


What Is Shrink Film Tubing?


Shrink film tubing is a flat plastic tubing that is formed onto a roll. Shrink film tubing is often cut into sleeves. These sleeves are known as shrink sleeves. The sleeves are what’s actually used to package products.

shrink film tubing

Shrink film tubing is also known as heat seal tubing, poly tubing, and high-speed tubing. Shrink film tubing is made out of plastic.


Common Uses & Applications For Shrink Film Tubing


Shrink film tubing is used for packaging various consumer goods. These may include bottles, polls, rods, and other products.


Shrink film tubing can be made to meet custom color requirements. Shrink film tubing can be printed with graphics for branding purposes.


Shrink film tubing is a popular material for certain food packaging applications. You can find shrink film tubing on items such as iced tea bottles and BBQ sauce bottles. Shrink film tubing is also used for cleaning and home supplies. These may include detergent and spray bottles.


Looking for information on shrink film and shrink film tubing?

Show Me The Complete Guide To Shrink Film!


How To Apply Shrink Film Tubing


When a packaging line operator wants to package something in shrink film tubing, they will first grab the end of the roll of film. Next, they remove a defined length of the tubing from the roll. Now, they cut the tubing to the length required for the product being packaged.

The operator will then take the tubing cut into a sleeve (also called a container) and place the product inside the sleeve. Each open side of the sleeve is then sealed using a sealer. The packaged products are now sent into a heat tunnel. Inside the tunnel, the tubing shrinks around the product.


Low-volume applications (10-30 containers per minute) may be packaged with a tabletop sealer. These products may be sealed with a heat gun or a heat tunnel. High-volume applications (200-300 containers per minute) often use an automated sealer. For high-volume applications, the tubing will be shrunk with a heat tunnel rather than a heat gun.


Is Shrink Film Tubing Right For My Products?


When it comes to deciding if shrink film tubing is appropriate for packaging your products, you will need to answer a few questions first.


Are your products oblong or elongated? If you answered yes, shrink film tubing is likely a good choice for your packaging material. Items commonly packaged with shrink film tubing include products such as curtain rods.


Do consumers need to smell your product? - If you are packaging items that emit a scent (such as scented candles or bath bombs), shrink tubing is not a good choice. In this situation, perforated shrink film would be your best choice.


Where Can I Find More Information About Shrink Film Tubing?


Are you interested in learning more about shrink film tubing and shrink films? If you answered yes, then you will want to read The Complete Guide to Shrink Film. This guide is packed with tons of useful information about shrink film and the related materials like tubing.


With this information, you will be able to identify if shrink film or shrink film tubing is the right type of packaging material for your products.


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