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By: David Roberge on July 31st, 2014

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To Repair, Refurb, or Buy New...That is the Question

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Should You Refurbish Your  Packaging Equipment or Bite the Bullet and Buy New?

How often have you spent time and money on repairs to your packaging equipment this year?

stressed out from packaging equipment decisions

Is your equipment is a consistent burden on your mind? Is it creeping into your dreams at night? If you have been putting it off until it causes problems it may be time to take some action. 

Here are some things to consider:

Packaging equipment designed 20 years ago is A LOT different than those available today. With the high speeds, automation, touchscreens, Servo design and more, there is a lot to be gained. Servicing this new equipment is a whole separate world in itself compared to the machines of yesterday (which are still today for many).Understanding the trade offs between keeping your old machine and buying new is important.

If you are teetering on the edge of sanity with your equipment evaluate the following:

  • Do you know your current Labor Ratio?
  • Are there products you would like to run on this machine but they don't fit?
  • How many hours of production time are you losing per month due to downtime or lack of preventative maintenance?
  • Are spare parts and technical support readily available for your equipment?
  • What are you spending for maintenance per year on the equipment?
  • What are the biggest constraints with your current equipment?
  • Is there a possibility of package redesign for your products in your future?
  • Are you paying overtime because your packaging equipment is not giving you what you need?
  • Are you scrambling to meet deadlines because of your packaging equipment?

As you know, your packaging lines have a HUGE impact on meeting deadlines and budget requirements. Keeping the equipment you have in top shape is paramount to running a smooth operation. If you are still on the fence on whether you should begin looking into buying new  equipment or giving your current equipment a good refurbishing, we have created this health assessment you make a more informed decision:

Equipment Assessment Link  

If you took the quiz and found our assessment helpful please let us know! We are here for you, so your interaction and feedback is integral to us providing you what you want when you need it most! Subscribe to our blogs to keep up to date on the latest from Industrial Packaging! What other questions do you think get the mind flowing with your machinery?

If you are looking into packaging equipment repair click here.


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                           Assess your Equipment's Health here!

                                                                    Click the notepad above to get started! 

                           Assess your Equipment's Health here!

                                                                    Click the notepad above to get started! 

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