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By: Nathan Dube on January 25th, 2022

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Top 5 Packaging Machine Repair Companies

Technical Service and Support

You can't run quality packaging materials on broken-down packaging machinery. That is why preventative maintenance, emergency repair, and regular repair services are an absolute necessity if you are running a packaging line.


When it comes to choosing a vendor for preventive maintenance and packaging machinery repair services, not all companies are created equal.


After multiple decades in the packaging industry, Industrial Packaging prides itself on our knowledge base about the best of the best in packaging machinery repair services.


While we offer what we feel is some of the best preventative maintenance and packaging machinery repair services, we are not your only option. However, It should be noted that we only offer technical service in the Northeastern USA.


The article below identifies the top 5 best packaging machinery repair and service providers in our industry. These companies are not ranked best to worst. Instead, this is simply an unnumbered list of our industry's best service providers.



Pacific Packaging


Pacific Packaging

Pacific has created a superior reputation for its engineers and repair techs. Equipment must be maintained and repaired as needed, which is why they train a staff that will address your needs as fast as possible. This allows you to focus on your core capabilities.

Whether you need assistance installing new machinery, relocating equipment, or performing standard maintenance, they are there for you. Pacific puts the highest priority on safety and quality to provide the best solution to your satisfaction.


Pacific's dependable support and expertise make all the difference. Their team of expert engineers and repair technicians is only a phone call away.
Their trained technicians are available for on-site service calls and expedited same-day dispatch service for emergencies. 24 Hour Assistance is also available if needed.
It is essential to Pacific to keep their customer's lines running successfully, and a knowledgeable, highly trained, responsive service team allows them to do that.


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With more than 100 factory-trained and certified equipment technicians across North America, combined with an expedient and knowledgeable dispatch team, Veritiv's Parts & Service will keep you operating at optimal efficiency and capacity.


Mars Packaging


Mars Packaging


Mars Packaging prides itself on excellent preventative maintenance and repair services for its clients. They offer highly trained technicians and excel in their ability to reduce downtime, stop problems before they arise and ensure a smooth and efficient packaging line.



Specialty Packaging


Specialty Packaging is a leading source of packaging products, equipment, and service with extensive capabilities in service and repair.


Specialty Packaging is committed to providing its customers with products and services that are of quality, distinction, and value.


They will operate at the highest level of integrity and strive for an open and honest channel of communication and respect among their suppliers, customers, and team members.


SPS Corporation




SPS Corporation was founded by Jim Gieber and Frank James, both engineers who earned their stripes at Dupont Corporation. Thus it's no wonder that their Technical Salesforce of 21 people includes six engineers. Along with this, they maintain the highest ratio of Factory Trained Technicians to Sales (nearly 1 to 1). 


Because of this, SPS can offer complete machinery design, equipment rebuilding, and modifications by their in-house staff. This talent has also developed, designed, and manufactured over 85 patented machinery modifications, including the revolutionary Green Machine Side Seal.


Keeping your line up and running is the number one priority at SPS. Their tech service team can handle any size service request, whether emergency service, equipment installations, preventive maintenance, or in-plant training sessions, to educate operators and maintenance staff.


Even if your line is running smoothly, they can provide process audits that will boost efficiency and increase productivity.


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Recognizing Excellence In The Packaging Industry


Here at Industrial Packaging, we live by a set of values that strives to embrace greatness and embodies excellence. As such, we owe it the consumers to be transparent about the other great packaging companies in our industry and show respect where it is due.


Any of the above companies would make for an excellent packaging machinery service and supply company. We tip our hats to these organizations that exemplify the same kind of values that we ourselves strive to embody.


If you are looking for a packaging machinery service and repair provider, please contact one of our packaging experts. They will help you choose the right vendor for your needs, even if that vendor is not us.


As a reminder, please note that we only offer technical service in the Northeastern USA.


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