Upselling with Displays

             Next time you are out getting something for work or home, make it a point to notice the product displays that are seperate from the shelves. The goal of these are to catch your eye and hopefully sway your purchasing decisions. There is always a product on display at the front of an aisle aimed at drawing your attention and aiding in your purchasing decision via promotion or sale. A point-of-purchase display or an end cap will help the consumer gather a better understanding of how your products work and what they are. These are the best ways to get your potential customer's to notice and purchase your product, and have been since product advertising began!

Example of multiple point-of-purchase displays placed together to form an end-cap


            This will allow them to see the good, great, and best value products you offer. Potential customers may grab the cheapest item off the shelf with out understanding that you offer a better value for what they are looking for. You simply cant explain that in your traditional shelf space. Buying an item that doesn’t do what you want it to doesn’t help anyone. But having a versatile display that showcases the differences between your products will allow the person to purchase the correct item the first time.This in turn will drive repeat business back to that item and your brand.


              Check out this blog that further delves into the display ideas and tips on upselling your product with the use of point-of-purchase displays.


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