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By: Nathan Dube on October 18th, 2022

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AI Packaging: Is Artificial Intelligence The Future Of Packaging Design?

Packaging Design

To say that AI packaging may grow in popularity as time goes on is such a massive understatement that the gravity of these words could ground a rocket ship shortly after take off.


Artificial intelligence is making waves everywhere. This is true for both personal individual applications as well as the elite peaks of the corporate world.


AI has already made a massive difference in how some of the world's top search engines produce results for their users and has most recently flipped the art and music world on its head.


With a few mouse clicks, anyone can teach artificial intelligence to produce what appears to be artwork on par with some of the human race's most incredible artisans.


Because of the recent boom in the quality of visual imagery that can be created with AI software, many corporations and even some enterprising smaller businesses are looking for ways to integrate the mind-blowing creative capabilities of artificial intelligence.


One of the spaces where we will likely see explosive growth in the next few years is AI packaging. However, That term may come to mean many different things in the future.


But today, when we are talking about AI packaging, first and foremost, we are talking about AI packaging design.


With the incredibly detailed and often ethereal artwork produced by artificial intelligence algorithms, it should be no surprise that some companies are already thinking about cashing in on this disruptive technology to separate themselves from the competition.


But is AI packaging (and other forms of AI content) just a passing trend or a genuinely groundbreaking technological advancement that will change multiple industries forever?


While we are just at the beginning of what is sure to be an exciting story and history, the ultimate fate of AI packaging and related technologies remains to be seen.


This article will explore the role of artificial intelligence in packaging. After reading this article, you will have more than a few interesting bullet points to discuss at your next corporate meeting or night out with friends.


AI Packaging


What Is AI Packaging?


AI packaging is packaging that is created, designed, produced, or manipulated in some way by artificial intelligence to make it more appealing and enticing to the consumer, with the end game being more and better sales.


Who Uses AI Packaging?


If you were to ask this question in five to ten years, the answer might be in the hundreds if not thousands of companies. However, if you ask this question today, the answer is not many.


There are currently very few companies using artificial intelligence for packaging design, modeling, prototyping, and other actions related to packaging creation via AI technologies.


But, several significant players in the packaging industry are getting ready to integrate AI into their business in a big way.


Companies like Tetra Laval International, Ball Corporation and Westrock Co have begun hiring new positions focused on artificial intelligence for packaging. Between the latter two companies, literally hundreds of new jobs relating to the integration of artificial intelligence with packaging have been launched and advertised.


When major players in the packaging industry take actions like this, it becomes clear that they are moving some of their focus to such an item.


This makes sense as artificial intelligence will likely become integrated with packaging very seriously, very soon.


However, some companies have already treaded into the waters of AI packaging design and related dynamics. Within these dynamics, we can expect to see reflections and repercussions in future manifestations of commercial AI packaging applications.


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A Real World Example Of AI Packaging In Action


As for companies who are actually using artificial intelligence to design, model, prototype, and prompt other elements of packaging creation, there is one awe-inspiring example that provides us with a glimpse into the future of AI packaging.


Studio Blackthorns is a world-renowned beverage and spirit communications consulting agency. They have designed luxury and boutique packaging solutions for a host of products, including spirits, hard seltzers, wines, sodas, and other beverages. 


Some of their clients include major players in the food and beverage industries, including Nestle, Cointreau, and various other brands for which they've performed "brand exorcisms."


Studio Blackthorns is a company focused on the cutting edge of branding for the beverage industry and serving a fine array of businesses who trust them to get their brand in front of consumers.


Knowing that AI packaging is sure to be a booming trend within the industry in the not-so-distant future, the studio decided to dive into the deep end of the relationship between artificial intelligence and packaging with an experiment.


In this experiment, Ludovic Mornand, founder and brand strategist at Studio Blackthorns, wanted to see just how much AI could accomplish regarding packaging. And this was not just concerning AI packaging design but an entire project powered by AI.


As it turns out, there is much that artificial intelligence can do concerning packaging. Specifically, in this experiment, about 80% of the project was completed by artificial intelligence, with only 20% human interaction throughout the project.


AI Packaging: How Artificial Intelligence Created Packaging For An Imaginary Beverage Brand


The experiment was called "Alt Planets." The fictional product to feature packaging created and designed by artificial intelligence was a non-alcoholic ready-to-drink (RTD) beverage that came in aluminum cans.


Mornand turned two artificial intelligence tools to handle both the packaging design and the branding and marketing copy for the beverage.


Ludovic utilized to automatically create a vast collection of high-end illustrations which would serve as the artwork for the branded cans. 


Additionally, he used Rytr to generate the marketing, branding, and advertising copy that would act as the hook to grab consumers' attention to the brand and associated beverages he created for the experiment.


Mornand has boldly declared that 80% of the completion of the project is credited to artificial intelligence. Specifically to the AI tools mentioned above.


Ludovic and Studio Blackthorn went on to say that only 20% of the project is credited to human endeavors.  In addition to the design and copyrighting, AI is also credited fully for selecting typefaces and 3D rendering.


Finally, they went on to say that there was only minimal editing and rewriting of the copy used for branding and marketing, with most of the final text being generated successfully by the artificial intelligence tools mentioned above.


Is AI Packaging A Gamechanger Or A Passing Fad?


While AI packaging is only now just starting to become a viable resource for brands of all sizes, its mainstream success is still to be guessed at.


However, with the rise of related technologies such as the metaverse, the coming IIot, and NFT packaging, many futurists already see the writing on the wall suggesting that AI is the next big thing within the packaging industry (and the rest of the world for that matter).


In the end, only time will tell if artificial intelligence has real staying power within the realms of packaging design, creation, modeling, prototyping, and the rest of the industry at large or not.



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