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David Connolly, Plant Manager

I find myself surrounded by an honest, passionate, hardworking group of people with the IP team, here. Being the proud Dad of beautiful twin girls is the highlight of my life. Go Pats!

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Plant Performance

By: David Connolly, Plant Manager
October 22nd, 2020

Many headwinds are currently challenging all facets of manufacturing. The current pandemic has forced many workplace changes, including the physical facility, limited available workforce, and new regulatory requirements.   How can businesses learn to deal with these challenges and yet still seek and accept new business opportunities? We believe that this path starts with taking care of the people providing the service for these new business ventures.   With over 65 years in business and thousands upon thousands of happy clients, we have a proven track record of success in dealing with challenges as they arise and meeting them head on with the ability to turn them into opportunities for growth.   In this article, we will explain how we helped to build quality teams of happy people who, in turn, allow for the ability for Industrial Packaging to grow better.