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By: Nathan Dube on July 27th, 2021

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Bundling Film VS Shrink Film: What's The Difference?

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Are you getting ready to package multi-packs of your products? If so, you are most likely exploring the appropriate flexible packaging films for this application.


And, you want to make sure that you choose the correct film for the types of products you are preparing to bring to market.


But, you are not sure if shrink film or bundling film is suitable for your packaging requirements.


Maybe you have been packaging products in shrink film for some time. But, you are finding that regular shrink films are not strong enough for specific products.


Or, perhaps this is the first time you will be using flexible films to package your products and multi-packs and are not sure which one of these films is the best choice for your needs.


You are looking to understand better the differences between these two types of flexible packaging films so that you can select the correct option.


After 65 years in the packaging industry, Industrial Packaging often gets asked what the differences between these films are. Having consulted countless companies on the appropriate films for their needs, we can help you identify the best one for yours.


In this article, we explain the differences between bundling film and shrink film. With the information in this article, you will be able to choose the appropriate flexible packaging film for your specific packaging requirements.



What Is Shrink Film?


Shrink film (also known as shrink wrap) is a flexible packaging material created from different formulations of plastic. When you heat shrink film, it shrinks around the products you are packaging. The film is most commonly shrunk with either a heat gun or a shrink tunnel.


Products commonly packaged in shrink film include frozen food boxes, board games, DVDs, CDs, and many other types of consumer products.


Shrink film is also commonly used in the creation of multi-packs. A multi-pack is a collection of identical products that are bundled together for purchasing in bulk.


Everyday products that are solid in multi-packs include bottled water, pints of ice cream, snack foods, and other similar consumer goods.


Need help choosing the right shrink film?

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What Is Bundling Film?


Bundling film is a type of shrink film. However, it is made specifically for packaging products that require a film with higher tensile strength and puncture resistance. Bundling films are made from single or multiple layers of different plastic formulations.


Generally speaking, bundling film is most commonly used to package multi-packs of consumer products such as glass or plastic bottled beverages, canned foods, chemical cleaners, and other similar products.


Specifically, bundling films are used primarily for creating bulls-eye packages. Bulls-eye packages are multi-packs that feature circular openings on two sides of the multi-pack. These openings resemble a bulls-eye, hence their name.


In addition to using less material than a traditional multi-pack, the bulls-eye openings act as handles for the products. This allows consumers a way to carry heavier multi-packed products with ease.


It should be noted, unlike shrink film, bundling film shrinks while it cools rather than from the heat produced in the tunnel.


Which Is Right For You? Bundling Film Or Shrink Film?


When it comes to figuring out which of the films mentioned above are right for your products, you have to answer a few questions. Once you have the answers to these questions, you will be able to choose the appropriate flexible packaging film for your packaging requirements.


  • Are you packaging heavier products such as glass-bottled beverages and canned foods? - If you answered yes, then you will want to use bundling film.

  • Are you packaging lighter consumer goods such as snack foods or boxed herbal teas? - If you said yes, then you will want to choose regular shrink film.

  • Do you need a film with superior puncture resistance? - If your answer is yes, you will want to choose bundling film for your packaging.

  • Do you require bulls-eye packaging for your multi-packs? - If the answer to this question is yes, you will want to go with bundling films.

  • Is your company trying to eliminate plastic packaging? - If so, you will want to consider using biodegradable shrink film.

  • Are you trying to reduce the cost of your packaging films? - If you said yes, shrink film would be the better choice for you.

What Are The Benefits Of Shrink Films?


Now that you understand the differences between bundling film and shrink film, would you like to learn more about the different types of flexible packaging films that are currently available to you?


If this sounds like something that interests you, you will want to consider reading our Complete Guide To Shrink Film. This free resource is loaded with in-depth information about the different shrink film formulations that are available today.


With the information in this guide, you will have absolutely everything you need to choose the perfect flexible packaging film for your packaging line and products.


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