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By: Nathan Dube on January 17th, 2023

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Colored Stretch Film: Applications And Uses

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With so many different types of stretch wrap, it may seem easy to miss colored stretch film. But it stands out from the crowd. Literally.


If you are looking for a color coding solution for your palleted products, colored stretch film would be a good fit for you.


But that is not the only benefit of using colored stretch film. There are various ways to use colored stretch film to help you accomplish things you could not do with other types of stretch film.


From international color coding to branding, colored stretch film can help your products catch consumers' attention and notify buyers where your products are in a warehouse.


But who uses colored stretch film? What are the benefits of using colored stretch film for securing and palletizing your products?


Is colored stretch film right for your business? And if so, where can you buy colored stretch film if you decide you want to use it?


This article will explain what colored stretch film is, review some common uses of the material, and help you to identify if it is the correct type of stretch film for the palletizing of your products.


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What Is Colored Stretch Film?


Colored stretch film (also known as color stretch film) is a highly elastic, flexible packaging film used to wrap palletized products for shipping and transportation.


Colored stretch film sticks to itself and tightly contains products that have been wrapped with the material to prevent collapse.


Unlike other types of stretch film, colored stretch film has coloring added to the plastic formulations from which it is created.


This coloring makes colored stretch film much easier to visually identify products that are wrapped in this kind of flexible packaging film.


What Are The Uses Of Colored Stretch Film?


Colored stretch film is used for a few different types of applications. In the section below, we will review each of the common uses for colored stretch film.


In each section, we will dive deeper into the application listed and explain how the material is suited for such uses.


  1. International Color Coding - Colored stretch film is often used for international color coding applications for companies selling products overseas. The array of colors offered through colored stretch film makes it easy for companies to identify orders and where they are supposed to be without having to use labels. Many companies that ship products globally use colored stretch films for these purposes.

  2. Product Organization - Colored stretch film makes it much easier to sort and organize pallets of products in your warehouse. Using colored stretch film to wrap your pallets makes identifying and organizing your pallets much easier.

  3. Tamper Evidence - Colored stretch film may act as an excellent tamper-evident packaging material. With clear stretch film, people with an ill will can remove the wrap, alter or steal products from a pallet, and re-wrap the pallet, so it appears as if nothing is out of line. But with colored stretch film, unless the thief has access to color stretch, the pallet cannot be made to look like it has not been tampered with. As such, colored stretch film will notify you if a pallet has been tampered with before you remove the film and inspect the products within.

  4. Branding - The color of a brand's logo is a powerful element of branding. Many consumers can identify their favorite brands simply by the color used in their branded materials. Depending on the color associated with your brand, you may be able to use a color from your logo as the color of stretch wrap used to wrap your pallets. For example, as Home Depot's iconic logo features a bold shade of orange, the company often wraps its pallets in an orange-colored stretch wrap.

  5. Daily Production Organization - Another way that some companies use colored stretch film is to use it to track daily production of palletized products. So, each day of the week, palletized products will be wrapped in a different color. For example, Monday - Red, Tuesday - Blue, and so on.


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What Are The Benefits Of Colored Stretch Film?


Colored stretch film has beautiful eye-catching colors, but that is not the only benefit of using colored stretch film to wrap all of your palleted products.


Benefits of using colored stretch film to secure, contain and palletize your products include additional items such as:


  • Ease of pallet differentiation
  • Simplifies product organization
  • Deters product tampering
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Product and transit coding capabilities
  • Available in multiple colors, including blue, green, red, yellow, purple, and orange, as well as opaque black or white (actual colors available will be dependent on the stretch film vendor you choose).


With all the benefits of colored stretch film, it is easy to see why so many companies use this flexible packaging material. But who exactly uses colored stretch film?


Who Uses Colored Stretch Film?


Many different types of companies use colored stretch film. These include many kinds of food, electronic, chemical, toy, and consumer goods manufacturing businesses.


Distribution companies also use colored stretch films because of the various benefits mentioned above. Any company that requires color coding will find great value in using colored stretch film for its products.


Where Can You Buy Colored Stretch Film?


You can buy colored stretch from a few different places. For example, you can purchase colored stretch film from some stretch film manufacturers.


However, you should be aware of the fact that some stretch film makers will not sell directly to the consumer. Suppose you want a brand of film from a manufacturer that does not sell direct.


In that case, you will have to purchase the film from a packaging distributor who sells that manufacturer's products.


In addition to packaging distributors and manufacturing companies, you can also purchase colored stretch films from online retailers such as Amazon and big box stores like Home Depot.


Would You Like To Buy Colored Stretch Film?


After reading this article, you should have all the information required to decide if colored stretch film is a good flexible packaging film for your products.


Suppose you have decided that colored stretch film is suitable for your business. In that case, you are probably ready to make a purchase.


If you want to buy some colored stretch film, please contact one of our packaging specialists. They will be able to help you purchase the colored stretch film that best fits your budget, equipment, and product palletizing requirements.


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