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By: Nathan Dube on March 9th, 2021

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Choosing A Contract Packaging Company Who Can Serve You During A Move

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You are finally at the point where you want to outsource your packaging. Now, you are evaluating vendors. The last thing that you would want to do is put yourself in a position where you cannot get your products out on time. If you chose a vendor who did not think about everything that needed to happen when they took your business, you might find yourself in this position.


As a contract packaging company (AKA: a co-packer) grows larger, new warehouses and additional locations may be required to meet growing demands. After a period of growth, they may have to move into a new location to meet their client's needs.


You will want to know that your co-packer can meet your requirements. They need to do this regardless of the move. They must still be able to meet the demand of your packaging requirements.


At Industrial Packaging, we have had to move recently for the very reasons mentioned above. During this time, we had to implement new protocols.


These new protocols ensured that we could still meet the contract packaging demands of our clients. We had to do this while we transitioned to a larger warehouse and a new corporate office.


This article will explore the required questions you need to ask your contract packaging vendor. That way, you can be sure that they can manage your supply chain while moving their business.


Regardless of whether you choose us as a contact packaging company or not, you will want to make sure that your vendor can still meet your demands while they move their business.



Why It Is Important To Choose A Co-Packer Who Can Meet Demand During A Move


Are you thinking about hiring a contract packaging company? There are many factors to consider. For example, the physical location of the vendor. Also, the cost of the contract packaging services is a crucial consideration.


Then you have the co-packer's ability to implement and manage a labor force. Next, there is the management of packaging machinery and materials. Your co-packer must also have the required protocols in place to bring your product to market.


These are all critical things to consider. But, none of that will matter if those elements get shut down during a move to a new location. You need to choose a contract packaging company that can adapt to the challenges of moving. They must still be able to meet your company's packaging goals during this time.


A great co-packer should be able to strike a balance between moving their operation and fulfilling your company's requirements during all stages of the move.


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Questions To Ask Your Contract Packaging Vendor


Identify the contract packaging vendor you would like to use for outsourcing your supply chain needs. Next, you will want to ask them the following questions. These questions will help you know if they are prepared to serve you during a move or similar event.


  • Will you be able to sustain our production needs and demands during a move? - If the answer is no, or if the answer is vague, you will want to consider looking elsewhere.
  • What protocols do you have in place to ensure service runs as usual during this time? - You will want to make sure that your contract packaging vendor is prepared for this situation. Find out their protocols for ensuring the machinery, materials, and labor force will remain operational. Ensure they will be able to produce the desired results during the move.
  • Will there be any changes in expected lead times, downtime, or fulfillment dates? - If they answer yes, find out what wiggle room will be necessary (if any) and work to hold them accountable to these answers.
  • Should unexpected challenges arise, what is your back-up plan to ensure our supply chain will remain in-tact and functioning as usual? - Ensure that your contract packaging partner has a plan-b should unexpected challenges arise. Ask them for a detailed explanation.
  • What, if anything, will you require from us to ensure regularly scheduled production? - Make sure that your contract packaging vendor is open and honest about anything that they will require from you in advance of the move.
  • When is the date of the move, and when is the expected date of completion? - It is essential to know when the move is happening. Be sure to understand what your co-packer is doing during this time. Ensure they are on track to meet the deadlines they have given you.

If your contract packaging vendor is preparing for a move, make sure to hold them accountable for the claims they make. Ensure that they can keep you running before, during, and after the move.


With the answers to the questions above, you should easily identify a contract packaging company capable of keeping your supply chain running smoothly during the transition.


What Else Do I Need To Know About My Contract Packaging Vendor?


Aside from your co-packer's protocols, there are many other things you need to know. Before choosing a co-packer for supply chain management, find out a few more things. For example, where are they located? How much does their contract packaging services cost? Are they pandemic prepared certified?


These are but a few of the questions you should be asking and researching when shopping for a contract packaging partner.


If you would like to know more about what goes into a contract packaging agreement, we suggest reading this article first. Additionally, you may want to visit our learning center. There you will find a ton of great information about all the elements that go into outsourcing your supply chain.


From packaging machinery to packaging materials. From preventative maintenance to financing options. There is a lot of excellent information in the learning center that you may find valuable.

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