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By: Nathan Dube on February 16th, 2021

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Why We Offer Contract Packaging Primarily In The Northeast USA

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You are probably wondering, if Industrial Packaging is simply managing the supply chain and packaging line elements of our client's business, can't we do that anywhere in the country? Well, yes.


We could do that. But, for us at Industrial Packaging, we think that it is best for us to deliver an excellent experience for a small amount of people versus a mediocre experience for a much larger audience.


Another thing that was glaringly obvious to us about our geographical region was that there is about thirty billion dollars worth of contract packaging business going on in our own backyard.


That is one very good reason to stick to servicing this area of the United States. But, it is not the only reason why we have chosen to stick to the Northeast. Providing our world-class packaging supplies and service to this area just makes sense.


In this article, we aim to explain why we have limited ourselves to this geographical area. By reading this article, you should have a good idea if you are a good fit for Industrial Packaging as a contract packaging client or not.


Why We Choose To Do Business In Northeastern USA


Over the years, we have done business with companies all over the USA. And, we do still have some legacy clients outside of the Northeastern United States. But, we have chosen to focus on the northeast area of the country at this time.


There are several reasons for choosing to limit our service area. But, all of them tie back to being able to create a great customer experience for our clients. We have done this despite the major opportunities that we have been approached with.


Want To Outsource Your Supply Chain?

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Logistics Of Contract Packaging


Like any other buyer these days, our customers want quality materials in a timely fashion. Regardless of whether these are retail or contract orders, our clients expect short lead times, and we provide them.


We know that outside factors can impact our ability to deliver products on time. As we are located in the Northeast, we know what havoc an intense winter snowstorm can cause.


Ensuring that we fulfill our materials orders to our customers is a challenge in and of itself. Adding the full geography of the United States to this equation would only complicate things.


Putting The Value In Value Added Reseller


As a VAR (value-added reseller) it is our imperative to add value to the products we sell. As a packaging distributor, we do not make any of the products that we sell. We buy our packaging machinery and supplies from the top manufacturers in the world. We then resell those items to our customers.


The value that we add to the buying process for our clients comes from superior customer service. We also eliminate the worry of making a bad investment by helping our clients choose the right brand of machinery and materials for their needs.


By focusing on our own backyard, we are able to ensure that we can do this to the best of our abilities. We can provide our clients with excellent consistency in quality, service, and delivery.


What Does Industrial Packaging Have To Offer The Northeastern USA?


As a packaging distributor, we consult our clients on all things packaging. We provide them with recommendations for the best packaging machinery and materials for their brand, budget, and success.


In addition to our distribution capabilities, we also offer unparalleled supply chain services, and have been for over sixty years. We offer these services for any company looking to outsource their supply chain needs.


We are the first company in the world to be Pandemic Prepared Certified by AIB International. What this means is that we are able to respond and adapt to working during a pandemic in ways of which our competitors cannot. As such, we are uniquely positioned to help you achieve all of your packaging goals in ways that other packaging companies are not currently able to.


Are you packaging food or any other type of product that requires superior supply chain services? We can help. We have a proven track record of success with various high-level clients. We can help you to achieve greatness as well.


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