One of the most frustrating elements of product packaging is repackaging. When a slew of your products has defective or wrongly applied packaging materials, this often results in hundreds of packages needing to be repackaged.


And while many packaging suppliers like repackaging as it results in new material sales, we here at Industrial Packaging would prefer that you don't have to repackage your products. We want to see you save money, not lose it!


Repackaging products will cost your company extra time, money, and labor. As such, many companies prefer to avoid repackaging, and we cannot blame them for that.


However, many companies do not even consider repackaging a big deal. Often, repackaging a collection of products only costs a few hundred dollars.


But, a few hundred dollars here, another hundred dollars there, and suddenly the total cost of repackaging your products increases quickly.


Over the course of a year, continually repackaging products can result in thousands of dollars lost. Gone unchecked, repackaging can be a very costly aspect of your business.


So, you must understand the true cost of repackaging and do everything in your power to ensure that you do not have to repackage your products often.


Doing so will save your company many person-hours, money, and time. This article will explore the actual costs associated with repackaging and help you to understand why you need to be aware of these items.


The True Cost Of Repackaging


It's more costly than you may think at first glance to repackage. There are many factors that accumulate costs, whether tangible or not. Take into account the following:


Wasted Materials:  Generally, the most obvious costs involved are self-explanatory. With each repackaged product, you have to invest in new packaging materials.


Wasted Labor: For every package, you have to do over, you have doubled or tripled your labor cost. It is not only the cost of packaging the item twice; it also includes the price of unpackaging the original item. 


Need help identifying the cause of your constant repackaging? We can help!

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Diminished Productivity:  Your true line speed is not the speed of the machine; it is the number of actual packages produced. If you must repackage 5% of your volume, your line is effectively running 5% slower than you think.


Wasted Environmental Energy:  Repackaging adversely affects more than the obvious materials and labor, utilizing additional energy in electricity, compressed air, etc. Keeping repackaging to a minimum improves your impact on the environment.


Wasted Human Energy:  All of this adds up to a lot of frustration. Frustration and low morale negatively impacts productivity.


Increased Trash: The scrap materials begin to pile up, increasing handling, storage, and disposal costs. Plus, there is a potential negative impact on our environment.


If you see too many packages needing repackaging, schedule a Line Audit to find the source of the problem and remedy them ASAP. 


Do You Need Help Identifying The Cause Of Constant Repackaging?


Suppose you constantly repackage your products but need help figuring out why so many packages fail. In that case, you will want to analyze your packaging line and find the culprit immediately!


In order to do this, you need to closely inspect your entire packaging line and find out where things are going wrong.


Depending on the size of your packaging line, this could result in further loss of time, money, and labor. And while you could do this yourself, there is a better way!


If you are looking for a concise analysis of your packaging line that will result in you being able to find and remedy the problem causing your repackaging, look no further.


Our certified packaging technicians will be able to go over your packaging line with a fine tooth comb and find where these bottlenecks are happening.


And once the reason has been found, they will be able to consult with you to provide potential solutions to your problem.


This will likely save you time, money, and labor that can be spent better elsewhere.


So, if you are ready for a professional packaging line analysis, contact one of our packaging experts today, and they can assign a certified packaging technician to you!


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